Ronnie competing again?

Discussion in 'Competitor Videos and Discussion' started by The Red Meat Kid, Nov 30, 2014.

  1. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

    surely not..

  2. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

    thort this was about me... was thinkin who let this out the bag!
  3. Pip

    Pip Elite Member

    Cant let it go can he..
  4. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

    Last full pic I saw he was palumbo'd to fuck.. and hasnt he had both hips replaced recently? 

    Guess he wont be happy until he shits his internals out 
  5. Ethan8

    Ethan8 Elite Member

    He's going die getting 'trying' to get that stage and tbh unlike Jay he probably needs the money. 

    He has muscle memory, he still has unreal gene ,some tissue samples were taken from him spoke about on a BIOS 3 vid and it said his recovery abilities and force required to damage the muscle is unreal.

    I'm happy he's training. he'd know about his heart liver and kidneys but they will be no Olympia comeback unless he kills himself with drugs but then he is one tough motherfucker ,the toughest . 

    I say 'yeh buddy' he's training at least.

    The  guys that live diet down or HRT like the 90s guys except Nasser.

    Jay will have no interest.
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  6. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

     exactly that, he will kill himself chasing something he has done so many times before but is now gone. like old boxers who cant stay retired isn't it?
  7. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Hilarious to think that if he's being serious about the 17, inch arms that I've currently got bigger guns than Ronnie Coleman

  8. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

    Exactly. Can't give up the dream can they once these people get to the top. Retire a legend ffs not a has been. It's sad actually. Although in honesty if we made it to a top level in anything and gave up a lot to get there we would all be the same let's face it. Fuck me half of us can't even bring ourselves to do a pct and we are 'nobody's' pmsl
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  9. RAD

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    Ego is a very dangerous thing
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  10. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    true dat. 
  11. Inz@ne

    Inz@ne Elite Member

    To be honest, i dont think he stands a chance agains JC.

    Jay is active, training as usual and in pretty good shape. Looks bigger than Phil if u check Instagram when they celebrated their tranier Hany.
  12. Mobster

    Mobster Senior Member

    It's a fun idea but yep, I'll agree Jay would more than likely be in better nick. I like the thought of a HUGE Ronnie back to ass kicking form in the gym but the reality suggests otherwise.