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    Hopefully it will fire up and not set on fire it was Louis mate who repaired the starting motor !!

    FCUKIN SCIATICA has flared right up today was only cutting a post stood up and it was like being hit with a cattle prod, sitting here with a hot water bottle on my lower back and getting them bastard awful electric shocks going through my spine

    Well pissed off
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    If inflammation is causing the sciatica then surly HOT therapy will increase blood blood flow therefore increase any swelling. I would go for Ibu and ICE

    Get your browsing over to MTLives too, we need a bit more life over there LOL
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    Problem I get mate is my lower back muscles lock up and make things bloody worse so I have found a bit heat relaxes them also whacking on the kwang looong oil does wonders its a bit stiff and achey today but thankfully the zaps have stopped.Might try some light training at the weekend but will see how things go first.

    What's happening over at MTL?

    Do you remember me talking about my mate Mick who lives on my site the guy who was taking the piss out of the Pagans broom with me?

    He passed away last night, we got a phone call off his Mrs saying he was complaining of chest pains we rang the ambulance straight away who were here like a shot and they battled to keep him going all the way to the hospital.My Mrs then rang me from the hospital to tell me he didn't make it.

    He was only 55 FFS They reckon it was a massive heart attack but doing a autopsy tomorrow,I am still in shock tbh totally out of the blue.

    Still can't believe he's gone
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    MTL is ticking along but it could do with a bit of radical input, we're all still there tho.... just.

    Gutted tho, mate, that's a shocker for you I'm sure.... 55 is no age, but we are at that age where unsuspected deaths start to creep in to our lives. I guess there could well have been some underlying condition or something.
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    Cheers mate definitely shocked by it, hopefully the autopsy will shed some light on wtf happened.

    Just shows how quick things can change.

    I will drop in on MTL for some radical input LOL

    Lower back is still aching and sore so might hold off on the training for a bit or do the usual strap the hell out of it then train,then make it worse and get a right ear bashing off the Mrs about how fcukin stupid are you blah,blah,blah lol

    Just weighed myself 95.2 KGS its gone up although I have increased my test e dose so I reckon its muscle.
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    Backs calmed right down so going to try a light session tomorrow see how that goes before whacking the weights back on.

    Mams coming over at the end of the month I have been renovating her static as a surprise but need to get the laminate floor down now quick smart and sort a few more things as I thought she wasn't coming over till mid September.......should have bloody known she would chuck a spanner in the works LOL

    By all accounts this visit is to see if she can handle the heat over here and if she can she's going to move here permanently which is something I have been telling her to do for years.No bones about it I love my mam and she's now at a age where she needs a bit help and none of the family in the UK gives a shit so I want her over here with me.

    I had a feeling she would come over sooner as she had mentioned she was concerned about the heat over here this is why I have had a huge air con unit installed in her home on the quiet.

    No excuses now mam your static is colder than Alaska LMAO
  7. dirtyvest

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    Added weight could also be a little water. Do you do any mobility drills for the back... supple leopard type stuff etc? I need you to be flexible when we run away!!
    AC should make living there a lot easier... does the climate in general benefit her health when she's over there?
  8. RAD

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    Its not water its muscle LMAO

    I do a few exercises for my back only when its fcuked though but don't worry I will be more flexible than a contortionist when we run for the desert island.

    My mam does great over here within a week she's much more mobile and her arthritis has died right down, its strange mate I don't know whether its the climate or just the fact she has people around her and she feels better in herself. I mean in the UK she's stuck in a house and doesn't see anyone for weeks over here she's out and about and causing trouble lol

    I have been telling her to make the move for years but she's stubborn and independent so you've got to word it properly or you risk getting a smack in the face.

    Just happy she's finally coming round to my way of thinking at last

    Just watched jackass 3 the film and my Mrs said "now you can only watch this as long as you don't get any crazy ideas off it" LMAO

    She doesn't know that 2 days ago when everyone was off site I took the mountain bike out and we have a bit of a hill that leads down to the bottom field and I always wondered if I could jump it.

    Turns out I can I went from the top gates (About 150m) got some decent speed and flew through the air like ET was on the handle bars ....time actually slowed down and I thought I was in for a bad crash tbh LMAO

    The landing sent a big shockwave through my lower back and probably didn't help my recovery but dude I can't lie it felt AWESOME

    Keep this to yourself as she will sell my bike as I have broken my promise not to be a tit and just ride it sensibly LOL
  9. dirtyvest

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    Did you get a tail kick or superman on that jump? You know it's doable :p At least we know why your back is acting up now tho

    Sounds like it's a no brainer for your Mum to move out there, but we all know what women can be like
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    Stop encouraging me LMAO It was just a plain get air and land the fcuker jump I am not keen on these mountain bikes tbh I feel to far off the ground if you get what I mean.Should have bought a bmx.

    Dude my mam is like a wild animal you've got to approach her quietly or she'll take your face off.I am making good ground though.I think because she will still have her independence but company if she wants it was the turning point.Also all the weird going's on on here has got her rushing to get over LOL

    Will be trying a bit training tomorrow back is feeling better only problem is going to be the heat they reckon its going up to 38/39°c so going to be a hot one but I need to get my ass back in the gym.

    I am seizing up always happens when I don't train also got my new elbow sleeves so need to test them out.
  11. dirtyvest

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    You need one of those proper jump bikes. They have slightly smaller frames and lower seats like a BMX (but not quite that small), and wheels like a mountain bike
  12. RAD

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    Yeah this one is to big and cumbersome tbh I knew it was a bad idea I got it just to go out and ride for a bit cardio should have known I wouldn't get any fun from having both wheels on the ground...can't bloody help myself LOL.

    Well it was to god damn hot to train today, 39/40°c the shed felt very hot so decided against it but tomorrow is going to be about 34°c so I reckon I can get a session in.

    Took the day off today not working in them temps,watched a touch of cloth (bought the boxset) fcukin hilarious like a British naked gun highly recommend it lol
  13. dirtyvest

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    Touch Of Cloth...? don't think I've heard of it, I shall investigate.

    34deg.... yeah, that sounds like fvcking lovely weather to train in PMSL sod that. Hope our desert island is a little more moderate than that
  14. RAD

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    LOL yeah I bloody do to although I am bringing a air conditioning unit so as well as a hypermarket with a gluten free isle we need electricity as well!!.

    Hot one today they reckon it was 32°c but my thermometer in the shed was reading 38°c so whacked the fan on full and with my 1ltr of water body strapped to hell I went training.


    Leg ext 32x8,32x8,32x8,32x8
    WG pulldowns 48x8,49x8,50x8,51x8
    Incline bench 74x8,76x8,78x8,80x8
    Upright row 32x8,34x8,36x8,38x8
    Tri pushdown 30x8,31x8,32x8,33x8
    Ez preacher 20x8,20x8,20x8,20x8

    Back was strapped its a bit uncomfortable as doing sub q stomach shots right in the area where my belt is so a bit rubbing was going on so its a bit sore.

    Felt good to be finally back training but I struggled tbh the heat was a killer by the end of my first set I was drenched and pretty exhausted but ploughed on and got there eventually, by the time I hit preacher I was running on fumes so had to drop the weight just to get the reps.But happy with it overall.

    Mrs commented tonight saying I am definitely looking bigger so she's either just being nice.....or blew a shit load of money and I haven't got the bill yet......I reckon its the latter lol
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    New protocol log I really need to keep a check on this so I know where the fcuk I am going

    Test e 125mgs a week split over 2 doses
    Pregnenolone 25mgs daily
    Dhea 10mgs daily
    B complex 8 drops
    B12 5 drops
    Vit c 1500 mgs twice daily
    Magnesium, calcium,vit d,zinc combined supp twice daily
    Zinc 25mgs daily (my zinc levels have always been low (tested) so need extra)

    Will run this new protocol for a couple of months and see how it goes problem was when I first started trt I felt great libido through the roof,energy right up,mood was great but over months this went down (only things I wasnt supplementing was b12,b complex dhea and pregnenolone) which suggests to me something is becoming slowly deficient after a bit research it could well be down to lower dhea and pregnenolone levels as trt shuts these down.Also estrogen could be rising but tbh I have no symptoms of this which is steering more towards pregnenolone and dhea being trashed.

    Before I started trt my dhea -s levels were over double what they should be (confirmed by a blood test) so my thinking is if this dhea production gets shut down as well as pregnenolone its no wonder I am slowly feeling worse.So obviously supplementing these should show a improvement.

    Self experimenting is the way forward oh yes I will find a cure..,.................or kill myself LOL

    Blood test booked in for a months time just to see how things are going