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Discussion in 'Public Journals' started by RAD, May 29, 2019.

  1. dirtyvest

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    I'm hoping I'll reep some benefits from reducing my training time while not really skipping volume. Weekend off now is it?
  2. RAD

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    Yeah dude weekend off and no bones about it I FCUKIN NEED IT LOL

    If this was only week 1 what's the next weeks going to be like??

    Is it to soon to run a deload ?? LMAO
  3. dirtyvest

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    One on one off... we can market that
  4. RAD

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    It could be another addition to our vast collection of training manuals I mean after all we are pretty much gurus when it comes to this bb stuff.LMAO

    Talking about that have you heard anything more on that lawsuit against our classic "Is it safe to ignore medical advice and keep training?...damn right it is !!"

    I thought your chapter on how you can squat with a shattered pelvis by using massive amounts of Decca was inspirational tbh
  5. dirtyvest

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    The fact we are not in court is testimony to the validity of our findings
  6. RAD

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    Exactly LOL In years to come people will say them guys knew there shit,simply legends !!

    Well I have to admit this two days off has made........no difference at all still got the Dom's next session should be fun can you get Dom's on top of Dom's ??

    Did I tell you the YOB is back up and running? Got tonnes of gravel to move so its a day on my digger really looking forward to it.The drive down from the top site was interesting in a really poo your pants way the steering is optimistic at best and the brakes a bit Russian roulette

    So a adrenaline fuelled day ahead LOL
  7. dirtyvest

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    Who needs brakes in an immovable 10 tonne digger
  8. RAD

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    Tbh I have perfected the art of dropping the front bucket to stop instead seems to work well lol
  9. RAD

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    Today it was chest/tris only week 2 of the new routine and still bloody knackered off last week!!

    WK 2 build

    Bench press 92x8,94x8,96x8 ( plates only)
    Incline 72x10,74x10,76x10 (plates only)
    Butterflies 10x12,11x12,12x12

    Pushdowns 21x8,22x8,23x8
    Overhead rope pulls 13x10,14x10,15x10
    Curl grip pushdowns 10x12,12x12,14x12

    Pressing is going along well and after reducing the angle on incline (cheers DV) that outside pec ache that traveled through the middle of shoulder has stopped.Tri work felt pretty easy which was a suprise .On the whole the weights are moving well and plenty room for improvement over the next weeks so all good.

    Didn't get much digger time in today due to it actually raining we were supposed to be getting heavy thunder storms which are epic over here but it just rained which was a reet let down tbh.Got a right twat of a job on this week new kitchen worktops plus new sink and taps going in on a static,normally not a bad job at all but this one has got some right nasty angled cuts to run off.Previous owner has basically put there own kitchen in butchered the cupboard carcasses and pretty much left me with a right nightmare to sort out only became apparent after I lifted the work tops off......thanks for that.
  10. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    And here I am wondering how I'm going to cut one strip of beading to fit a 1mtr length of skirting board which had soaked up cat piss and was stinking the house out LOL
  11. RAD

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    LOL cats piss that's one hell of a nasty smell on the plus at least you've located it.Did you sort it?

    Never got the chance to train legs today.......why........well my Mrs decided to to paint a little wall in a static and the owners are due tomorrow she then managed to spill fcukin paint all over their carpet so luckily I have a rug doctor machine and spent my training window washing paint out of a carpet.It wasn't a little spill either just thank fcuk it all came out.
  12. RAD

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    Downloaded some old skool rap onto my mp3 and haven't heard this for years just awesome

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  13. dirtyvest

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    Can't do anything about it as it's soaked into the fvcking laminate too. I need to pull it all up and replace it (when I say 'I' I obviously mean 'pay a professional silly money'). Mrs keeps kicking off about it even tho we have no money to do it now, plus she'll only piss on any new stuff anyway (the cat not my Mrs, altho I wouldn't put it past her).

    Download some Young MC, Big Daddy Kane, Kid and Play, Public Enemy too
  14. RAD

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    Is this a roundabout way of asking me if I will fit your laminate floor? .....of course I will mate let me know when you've got the stuff in LOL

    Good shout on the old skool rappers already got Public enemy,Ll cool j,Beastie boys ,fat boys and the rock steady crew lol but will download the others.......kid n play awesome loved their film house party its a classic!!

    Injection went sideways tonight couldn't get the needle to go into my right love handle for some weird reason would go in a little bit but that was it.So switched back to stomach with no problems no fcukin idea what that was about its not like there's no fat there LMAO
  15. dirtyvest

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    The fat is fighting back. Beastie Boys were awesome... get some 2 Live Crew going. Nice and Smooth too.
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