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    Well I am back training after a bit of a break so its time to start a new journal.Left knee is shot to hell at the minute so doing rehab work and a bit light set work on training days.Running my new routine full body over 3 days,reps and sets are Day 1 = 4x8, Day 3 = 5x5, Day 5 = 3x12

    Anyway you know all this DV lol

    Today 5 x 5

    Cable squat 20x5,20x5,20x5,20x5,20x5
    Bench press 70x5,72x5,74x5,76x5,78x5 (plate weight only)
    Seated rows 62x5,64x5,66x5,68x5,70x5
    Sa cable press 12x5,14x5,16x5,18x5,20x5

    Approached this carefully as been working in 30+ degrees today and felt a bit exhausted tbh

    Everything went well and weights can go up on the lot so all good
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    We just need to rearrange the furniture here now and add a lick of paint...
  3. dirtyvest

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    ... and blow shit up
  4. dirtyvest

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    we can fucking swear here too
  5. RAD

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    I have the seating plan sorted we need 3 bean bags lol

    I forgot that's there's no swear filter how fcukin cool is that
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    Another bloody hot day been working in it and felt a bit sick and dizzy tbh so played it safe with today's session

    3 x 12

    Ham curls =10x12,10x12,10x12
    Butterfly's =12x12,12x12,12x12
    Face pulls =18x12,18x12,18x12
    Sa cable fly's 4x12,5x12,6x12
    Rope curls 16x12,16x12,16x12
    Rev grip tris 16x12,16x12,16x12

    Got through it but felt like death at the end just to exhausted off the heat thank fuck the temps coming down next week.
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    Just weighed myself cos that's what bodybuilders do 94.8kgs so dropped a bit ,but did have a few massive farts before the weigh in so that might be the reason.

    Was hoping for a bit bedroom gymnastics tonight but judging by the Mrs face when I returned from the bathroom looks like that's off the table now

    Going to stop eating salads every time I have one I bloat up to hell and spend the night holding in farts and when my belly knacks run off to the bathroom and then all hell breaks loose.Had a salad yesterday Mrs went to bed and I let a fart go it was so loud my dog Scoobs woke up shot to the door and started growling and barking.
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    We're going to need to sort this flatulence problem out by the time we elope you know....
  9. RAD

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    LOL As long as the island has no lettuce we will be fine

    I am now intolerant of gluten and fcukin lettuce where will it end??
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    Today after a shit load of graft trenching out for waste pipe I staggered into the shed for this


    Leg ext 25 x 8,25 x 8,25 x 8,25 x 8
    WG pulldown 48 x 8,50 x 8,52 x 8,54 x 8
    Incline press 68 x 8,70 x 8,72 x 8,74 x 8 (plates only)
    Cable uprow 34 x 8,36 x 8,38 x 8,40 x 8
    Ez preacher 20 x 8,22 x 8,22 x 8,22 x 8
    Tri pushdowns 30 x 8,30 x 8,32 x 8,32 x 8

    Arms were bloody killing by the end didn't help matters that I fucked up a re rack on incline press completely missed the rack on the left side and had a bit of battle on to get it racked.

    I have changed the timing of the first 2 sessions to the day after my shot as I a lot more energy so will take advantage of it

    Not that the weights will bloody improve though
  11. dirtyvest

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    Your mrs doesn't fancy giving you a spot when benching then... or do you not fancy putting your life in her hands
  12. RAD

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    A menopausal women spotting me on bench.......I know I am a adrenaline junkie but I am not insane!!!

    I will take my chances lol
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    Today I managed to fcuk my knee up coming down the hill from the top site it just went,got it strapped up now and hopefully won't effect tomorrow's routine.Getting sick of injuries off working tbh

    Maybe I should put my notice in..........imagine how that would go down lol
  14. dirtyvest

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    About time your Mrs started pulling her weight....!
  15. RAD

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    Isn't it !!!! Bloody Cinderella gets more time off than me.

    Felt ropey as hell today think the Valium withdrawal is kicking in been feeling off for a good few days but things have kicked up a notch.Knee is feeling slightly better so not all bad.

    With feeling off I decided to just run the 3 x 12 instead of the 5x5 today would have ended up with a injury.Dropped any leg work pointless.

    Butterfly's = 12x12,12x12,12x12
    Cg pulldown = 30x12,30x12,30x12
    Sa cable fly's = 4x12,4x12,4x12
    Rope curls = 16x12,16x12,16x12
    Rev grip pushdowns = 14x12,14x12,14x12

    Had to drop the weight on a couple things just to get through it ,changed face pulls to cg pulldown to take pressure of my knee had a bit of dizzy spell during rope curls.oh yes it was a epic day

    Not the greatest session ever probably shouldn't have trained tbh