Proteolytic Enzymes

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    I've never heard of those but I used lansoprasole(?) when my stomach was battered by naproxen and oxys. If you go with these will you post up if they help, I'd like an alternative to prescription meds.
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    If I try them mate yeah deffo. There used to be Devils claw I think it was called from Holland and Barrett I think clubber used to used it but they made it illegal and that really used to help!!!! Yeah I've got lanzoprezol but sometimes it makes my heartburn worse!!!!! Ranitidine seems to be good though mate and they are a cheap over the counter drug so ma be give that a try

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    What about probiotics and prebiotic
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    Theyve made devils claw illegal??!!! Really? Why?
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    I'm not sure there was aload of supplements pulled from the shelves in h and b because of some new law. Think it was last year I'll try and have a dig around and see if I can find the list of supps that got pulled
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    The link I posted wasn't just for stomach problems it was for inflammation from injuries and the like
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    What it looks like has happened is the European food agency kicked up a big fuss and tried to get stuff banned or reformulated so I think it was 28 supplements got taken off shelves can't seem to find the full list but I know Devils claw was in there along with ginkgo, St. John's wort and valerian. But it looks like it's all blown over now and it's back on the shelves couldn't find many articals on it but found this
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