ProChem Tri-Test 400

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Clubber Lang, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    anyone got any feedback from this brand aswell as the product? Seems to be alot of it flying around lately, mainly younger lads using it, just wondered what you think of it if you've used it or how its rated?

    contains 120mg test-e, 120mg test-cyp & 160mg deca. 120/120/160mg/1ml, total 400mg

  2. alex.p

    alex.p Leader of the A-team

    Not personally, but know many lads using it and having no issues
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  3. firest0rm

    firest0rm Elite Member

    No feedback for the product but I've used Prochem's Tri-Tren and it certainly did the trick.
  4. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    I have personally used this..

    No PIP whatsoever.. thick oil - takes an age to draw up.

    Very smooth injection.

    nice product IME
  5. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    whats the ProChem range like?

    Other than the Tri-Test and Test-e 300 i dont know what they produce.
  6. CK1

    CK1 Elite Member

    got 10ml of this to try, done 2ml other day not the slightest pain. very smooth
  7. jef


    ive got some test t400 to try

    enanthate/cyp mix
  8. dean c

    dean c Elite Member

    il be starting this in a couple of wks
  9. ironman66

    ironman66 Member

    hi mate i have used a number of prochem products, no problems at all, smooth, no pain, good results.
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  10. badboyshifty

    badboyshifty New Member

    any1 used pro-chem tri-test 400 with sust 250?
  11. Keane

    Keane Elite Member

    Their sust 250 is not a sust blend just Isocaprate, enan and cyp iirc, same as their testex- someone quote me if I'm wrong.
  12. hilly

    hilly BANNED

    I used prochem only for my prep and have been using them for the past 18 months with no issues.

    U also helped 2 guys prep for shows this year both coming second in their classes who used prochem only as well.

    I actually prefer the test300 over the 400 due to not being a fan of the longer acting dec ester
  13. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    wow, old original post started back in Aug 2009. Think i had a full head of hair back then pmsl.

    never had a problem with TT400s.

    never used their Sust as i would always try for a pharma grade sust-250mg test over a UGL, if possible.
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  14. danny187

    danny187 Elite Member

    My test levels are 52 after 3 weeks clearance, last jab was 1ml mate
  15. mick_the_brick

    mick_the_brick Elite Member

    I actually prefer the 250mg sust over the tri test tbh.