Prepare To Be Amazed... July's Huge Meat Hamper Is Here!

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    Prepare to be amazed... July's HUGE meat Hamper is here!

    Usually £91.65 on-site, today JUST £50 - for 67 pieces of TASTY fresh meat, including NEW 'Taste of Paradise' meats!

    PLUS - Order yours TODAY and get access to an EXTRA special hamper... Usually £21.60 for all 19 piece, now JUST £5!

    Our BEST Summer Meat Hamper includes:
    - 10-12 x Premium Chicken Breasts (2.5kg)
    - 2 x 170g Free Range Pure Rump Steaks
    - 2 x 170g Free Range Pure Sirloin Steaks
    - 2 x 170g Free Range Hache Steaks
    - 3 x 166g Premium Tikka Chicken Breasts (500g)
    - 4 x 100g Premium Pork Loin Steaks
    - 2 x 140g Premium Mojito Chicken Steaks (NEW!)

    Plus ALL of this too:
    - 1 x 200g Free Range Extra Lean Steak Mince
    - 1 x 200g Premium Chicken Mini Fillets
    - 6 x 75g Premium Pork & Leek Sausages
    - 20 x 20g Free Range Beef Meatballs
    - 2 x 113g Premium Tikka Chicken Burgers
    - 10 x 35g Premium Low Fat Bacon Medallions

    Plus All This For Just £5 (worth £21.60 on-site!)
    - 2 x 145g Free Range Cheese & Bacon Burgers (NEW!)
    - 2 x 113g Free Range Rump Steak Burgers
    - 2 x 140g Coconut & Lime Chicken Steaks (NEW!)
    - 4 x 57g Piri Piri Marinated Chicken Skewers
    - 2 x 113g Premium Chicken Breast Burgers
    - 6 x 75g Low Fat Cumberland Sausages
    - 1 x 30g Deep South Seasoning

    You will NEED to be quick though, we only have LIMITED £5 extra hampers and these are likely to go VERY fast!

    To order yours, simply:
    1. Visit -
    2. Add your hamper to basket
    3. Enter code: JULYMEAT to claim your £21.60 hamper for £5
    4. Choose your delivery date, checkout & ENJOY!

    *On-page T&Cs apply.