Pregnenolone With Trt

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by spearman, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. spearman

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    Anyone on TRT got experience of this? Pro's & Cons?
  2. RAD

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    I have been doing a bit research into this about refilling the pathways and how trt can drop the levels of pregnenolone and dhea (Dr crisler) a lot of people run hcg injections to counter act this

    I am currently running 12.5 mg of pregnenolone and the same in dhea but its early days so can't give you a definite answer on its effectiveness yet.
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  3. RAD

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    Have dropped the dhea (estrogen was going up) and just running the pregnenolone at 12.5mgs daily tbh it has cleared the brain fog and don't feel as anxious.

    Read a few things about trt dropping pregnenolone levels and so far I do actually feel a bit better tbh

    You still battling with anxiety mate?
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  4. spearman

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    I was using 12.5mg preg ED, but didn’t notice anything.
    No mate, once I went on TRT my anxiety disappeared. Still suffering with apathy and can’t be fucked with most things. Generally no get up and go!
  5. RAD

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    A lot of people have said the same thing they start trt and feel awesome only for these effects to diminish after a month or so,fatigue,low mood,brain fog etc.

    From what I have looked at most say its either estrogen levels are out of whack,pregnenolone is going low as well as dhea levels.

    I am going to run preg at 25mgs a day plus 5mgs of dhea as I am experiencing the same thing although not as bad

    Will let you know how I get on
  6. Rentaghost

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    Never got anything out of it personally and I was using 100mg a day.

    Gave me restless legs the first few days and affected my sleep, like vitamin D3 does if I high dose it. After that nothing.

    Never seen anything concrete that it does anything in healthy individuals. Stuff like this and mk677 etc might produce an effect in the aged as they might take something from low or deficient to a normal level but for most of us they won’t do much clinically.

    I know the feeling though mate. Comes and goes but it’s getting harder and harder as the months go by to even feign motivation.
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  7. RAD

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    @Rentaghost I don't get why when I first started trt I felt awesome libido through the roof,energy right up,anxiety almost gone just felt great then it started to go downhill slowly, just has me wondering if the test is making me become deficient in something for some reason.Certainly the slow decline does feel like something's off if that makes sense.

    I should really run a full panel blood test but its expensive....... Anyway you don't get called RAD because you take the sensible route lol
  8. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Like any drug mate, you develop a tolerance.

    My feeling is that Libido and mood is affected by a lot of things and we know test will affect certain neurotransmitters in your brain like any other mind altering drug, that gives you a temporary high but eventually your brain and body down regulates systems or up regulates others to adapt to that and starts to balance things out and move back to some form of homeostasis. You can add stuff in and keep adding stuff in for temporary fixes but at some point in catches up with you to the point you feel shit all the time. The solution is to clean up and clear out but nobody wants to hear that

    Chasing drugs with other drugs or compounds is a trap we all fall into. There’s no winner there and you only ever get a temporary fix.
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  9. RAD

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    Rents I get exactly where your coming from basically chasing the dragon never leads to a good place.

    I really should take other things into consideration I am under a shit load of stress at the minute and that's going to effect things no question plus my drinking isn't helping anything if I am honest.

    Food for thought appreciate it mate
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  10. RAD

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    @spearman I have ditched the preg and dhea they were both driving my estradiol levels up was getting itchy nipples,mood all over the place etc.

    Have you considered your vitamin b complex and especially vitamin b12 levels?