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  1. Hi everyone,
    Who do you use for peptides?
    I was thinking of ordering some tb 500 and bpc 157 for a shoulder issue.
  2. Clubber Lang

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    have considered trying those two peptides with injuries but never get/got around to it.

    a friend swears back them for injuries. TB 500 is twice a week jab and 157 twice per day as close to injury as poss?

    i copied and saved what he said about 157;

    5mg vial
    add 2ml, draw out 0.10ml = 250mcg
    jab twice a day into injured site.
  3. Cheers clubber.
    Much appreciated.
    Do you happen to know what website he gets his peptides from?
    Thanks again.
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    I've kept wanting to try that tb and bpc too
  5. Clubber Lang

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  6. Yorki1962

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    I have tried all of the above plus purpeptides I thought uk-peptides and purpeptides where good but check the prices on purepeptides when I bought some it was quite a bit dearer with the same results as uk peptides others may disagree but hey l can only go by my own experience .
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  7. Thanks clubber,yorki.
    Yorki,what peptides did you order?
    What did you use them for,and what kind of results did you get?
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Clubber Lang

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  9. Yorki1962

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    Hi All

    My research hamster :D took GHRP6 – This increased its appetite by quite a bit so if you are on a cutting phase this might not be for you my hamster has also taken GHRP2 this is very similar to the GHRP6 but without the increased appetite.

    To amplify the GHMOD of the GHRP6 or GHRP2 depending what you use my hamster also took some CJC 129 you need to read up on whether to use CJC 129 or CJC129 with DAC you will find debates for both .

    Did they work yes but don’t expect any great muscle gains they are defiantly not in the same league as AAS my hamster gained some muscle size but the real surprise was the fat loss and better sleeps and the increase in appetite with the GHRP6.

    You also need to read up on how to reconstitute the peptides this is very important if you do it wrong they are very easily ruined.

    Hope this helps
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