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Discussion in 'Strength & Powerlifting' started by paitsio, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. paitsio

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  2. Incognito

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    Mate keep it really simple IMO and forget programs.

    One week 3 x5 next week 5 X 3. Closer to comp add 5 X 1 as 3rd week. Add the assistance work that you personally require to improve your lifts. For example why Cain triceps of your tri dominant and delts need bringing up to par? Legs why focus on ham curls if your whole posterior chain can do with some extra work do good mornings

    Assistance work more 8 plus reps Ime if you are pushing the main lift to limit.

    Add 5kg to workout every time you do it, 2.5kt to press. Push assistance hard further out back off closer you get down to not even doing it last few weeks.

    Smash food smash gear if you use and don't forget to Deload if you stall fuck the next week off, do some pump up light bodybuilding shit leave posterior chain alone all week carry on where ou left off.

    Sounds too simple. Try it. I'm still moving mate using this type of work no need to fuck avoit with spreadsheets and too many percentages I have found through own errors
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  3. holly

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    I really like a good programme

    Mine are percentage based purely because I can't control myself and will overtrain if left to my own devices.

    I cycle reps/speed/heavy

    And as intensity increases volume decreases and hopefully I peak for comps

    I would like to try the Russian stuff though
    Those Russians are strong AF
  4. paitsio

    paitsio Senior Member

    Reason I was drawn to a volume based Programming is I want to breeze thru a comp when I do it and not perform shit because of lack of condition... But @Incognito yer prolly right cant really argue with the results for you.

    @holly i am the opposite, I easily do too little work if I dont have any plans to follow

    Heres what I had in mind

    Day 1
    Heavy bench
    Light squat

    Day 2
    Heavy pull
    Upper back

    Day 3
    Heavy squat
    Speed dl w/ bands

    Heavy tri
    Delts and whatever shite

    Have to admit eating is my downfall. Gear smashing is easy but struggle to eat "too much". Now sitting at 103kg roughly.
  5. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Looks like a lot of heavy work to do consistently week in week out, but ultimately just depends on how you feel.

    How long a deload are you taking before the comp, and which comp are you doing?
  6. tomlet1

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    Would love to do some strength type training but dont think my lower back will ever allow me to squat or deadlift heavy again
  7. paitsio

    paitsio Senior Member

    Havent decided on date yet but autumn, late in '16. Deload i will prolly keep to a week/10 days, of course tapering volume down. It's still a learning curve for me as last time I competed was in weightlifting in 2004 and in bb'ing in 2014
  8. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

    eat all the standard healthy meals add cheesecake pizza and choc milk. Winning
  9. paitsio

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    @Incognito Yea familiar with that side of things just hate force feeding tbh. Had to eat close to 5.5k cals to gain weight.. But i know where the problem is so no complaints. Btw admire your progress mate, awesome shit. @holly the same. My UGM idols lol
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  10. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Yeah I can sympathise, I was on 4K+ cals a day and even eating mc shite every day, getting the cals in is haaard.
    Will be eating clotted cream next bulk
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  11. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Did that squat routine as listed today.
    Used the same format for SLDL
    Went down a treat.

    Personally would only train my legs once per week in this fashion tho.
    Ideally, I would want to get another session in at the weekend, with no squat, just pre-fatigue on leg ext, then high rep leg press, plenty of volume.
    However, my legs are taking a battering already from the amount of cardio I'm doing on the daily, (mostly stepper), so will play that by ear... or up the dose :)

    I really shouldn't be squatting or deadlifting given how thick my waist already is, but that's the first time I've enjoyed squatting for years. (and I do mean years)
  12. paitsio

    paitsio Senior Member

    @Arterial Dan - you did the routine on the link I posted? Btw I know what you mean ny enjoying squatting, after 2 minor surgeries on my feet I am finally able to squat painfree again bar some sciatic-pain in my butt. But foam rolling had made it better day by day.

    For anyone interested have been following and will be in the coming weeks

    Mon: heavy bench (did 140,145,150x2)
    Light squat beltless 3s pause up to 150x2

    Tues heavy pull, 150x12x2 + 60kg bands tension onwards from knees
    Upper back

    Thurs heavy squat, gm, ghr etc

    Fri reverse band bench up to 2rm
    Tris, bis

    Sat shoulder pumping, reverse hypers etc
  13. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    @paitsio yea mate, the routine in the link you posted. Some good doms setting in and no knee issues either. Looking good so far

    Had a quick perusal through some of the other articles on that site and it looks like there is some food for thought there.

    Have you read his ebook?
  14. paitsio

    paitsio Senior Member