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    Hi, just signed up today, happy to answer any questions about research chemicals that you might have, research purposes only of course.

    We are UK based and offer next day delivery in the UK, approx. 4 days rest of the world.

    Many thanks, NR
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    Just to confirm Nucleus Research have kindly sponsored the forum. Please show your support by taking a look at their website when you get a moment :)
  3. The Love Machine

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    Welcome, some interesting things there.

    Really like the look of pyrophoric - how's feedback on it?

    Also, comparison to arimidex strength wise which is stronger?

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    Hi, it's very hard to say which is stronger, I would say Arimidex is faster in its actions, but of course will need to be repeated the next time you have issues. ARiMiSTANE is considered permanent, its not permanent but it works for so lomg they call it the "Suicide Aromotase Inhhibitor" , so you may need 1 pot, you may need 5, but once it has taken care of the problems you wont need to worry about them again for a long time, unless of course your body undergoes some sort of massive hormone change, HRT or a menopause style change, or a massive increase in steroid use, but generally, if you get Gyno and water when using Steroids, approx 2 pots, and the gyno will be gone, and wont come back in the forseeable future, it also lowers cortisone which is not very nice for us, and if you have a stressful life, then cortisol levels can be high and this hormone breaks down muscle tissue!

    PYROPHORiC is new to us, we have not sold many, but had no negative feedback at all, one customer stated it was far better than Rich Piana's pre workout, of course thats an opinion. It certainly makes our stock room smell nice, the cola flavour is very strong!

    Try it, use the code for a discount and thank you for your interets in our products: UGMUSCLE10
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    Welcome and will certainly had a god read when I have a bit of time. Someone interesting products popping up that seem to work miracles!
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    Welcome bud. The Epitalon 10 mg, is there a time s[an before the difference is noted/accumilation, would be interested to red more thanks bud.
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    Welcome guys.
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    Hi, its anti ageing so difficult to say, its like using a moisturiser for example, you need a test subject to compare, and of course it takes time, so you cant just use it for 5 years and look in the irror as there is nothing to compare it to. One thing for sure is that you do after a few weeks feel a little fluffuer shall we say.

    In animals it caused hair to grow back, in elderly patients in healed organ damage, so it defintiley works, we are also bringing out a new anti ageing and imune system boosting peptide called THYMALiN, there are research papers to be read available on thsi as a professor Khavison in Russia openly reports about EPiTALON and THYMALiN and it decreases mortality rates. Ill paste some links:
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    Thank you.
  10. caleb

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    this is looks interesting having read through, so much empahasis on such products confuse the hell out of me lol
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    Yes it can be confusing, but they definitley work, EPiTALON is the main anti aging peptide, THYMALiN does also slow down the ageing process but it seems to be more geared towards the imune system, TB-500 also another great anti ageing peptide, but TB-500 is again more for healing.
    Lately its been BPC-157 though, what a peptide, heals everything, lowers addcition, increases concentration span, stomach ulers, difestion issues, amazing peptide, also, its in very low doses in the huma body, and this peptide is cheap for 5mg, so not only is it very affective, its very very cheap!
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    mmm interesting, ill log that in check, thank u, keep up the good work..