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  1. Hello everybody,
    New member,here.
    I am 47 years old.I've been training for 30 years,although I did have a break from bodybuilding from 2009 onwards,due to illness.
    I was seriously ill with ulcerative colitis for about 6-7 years,and I was unable to do anything,really,during this period.I couldn't leave the house as i was constantly back and forth the toilet 40-50 Times a day passing blood,and I just constantly felt I'll with all the symptoms you get with u.c.
    Not only did I think my bodybuilding career was over,but I also thought my life was over.and with very good reason as the specialists were constantly telling's either an operation or you die.

    Well,to cut a long story short.
    I refused the operation,and thus started my journey into alternative medicine.I started learning about acupuncture,herbology,yoga,qi gong,meditation etc.

    Slowly,but surely I worked up to doing calisthenics,and started following the convict conditioning program by paul wade.I then moved on to k/bells,and then back to my true love-bodybuilding.

    I've signed up to this forum looking to make some new friends and learn from the top guys on here.I'm always looking to learn and gain more knowledge.
    I also hope I can inspire some people and pass on the knowledge I have gathered over the years.and just basically let people know that they should never give up on their dreams in life,despite the adversity and obstacles they may encounter.
    Thanks everyone.
    I'm grateful to have the oppurtunity to join this forum.
    P.s. thanks to Simon for sorting the glitches out that I had in joining the forum.
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    Good to hear your back on the mend mate ....Jesus that sounds bloody awful been through hell by the sounds of it.Here's hoping your recovery goes from strength to strength

    Welcome to the forum
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    A familiar name...?!

    Welcome to UGM bud
  4. Irish Beast

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    Belated welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here an stick around