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Discussion in 'Ask The Experts' started by Irish Beast, Jul 11, 2014.

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    Some great news. We have a new expert called Martin Chandler who will be joining us shortly. Martin is the chair of the National Needle exchange forum and is responsible for giving AAS training to needle exchanges amongst other things. He is unfortunate to be friends with Dr Angell but lets not hold that against him :)

    Martin will post in here shortly so please wish him a warm welcome when he does please make him feel at home.


  2. Rudedog

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    Good stuff fella.

    Welcome Martin
  3. Ronnie_Malenko

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    welcome mate
  4. Dirty Harry

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    Welcome bud.
  5. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Welcome :)
  6. Martin Chandler

    Martin Chandler Senior Member

    Blimey - that was quick! Afternoon all, nice to be here. One quick correction though....I am the former Chair of the NNEF. I've now largely moved away from needle exchange stuff to focus specifically on Human Enhacement Drugs and all that comes along with them.......which is more than enough to keep anyone busy I think...

    And now it's time to go browsing threads and see what den of eniquity i've been dragged in to........ :)
  7. Ronnie_Malenko

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    you will see 3 threads max before you realise your in the nut house!
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  8. The Love Machine

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    Interesting stuff.

    Previously 'trained' for want of a better word about 30 staff at needle exchanges locally to me. Amazing the disparity of knowledge between some.

    Good to have you on board
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  9. Martin Chandler

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    Then I'm right at home :)
  10. Martin Chandler

    Martin Chandler Senior Member

    Yeah I hear that.....! To be fair to them, it's a vast subject and outside the bounds of their normal work. You tend not to deal with many steroid "addicts" (although I would argue i've met a couple....) and the other stuff NSP workers do takes precedence.

    Or rather it did - now many NSP workers are gone due to cuts and those that are left are being told to up their game with service provision for AAS users. But yes.......sometimes challenging to deliver that training.

    "Roid rage" - facepalm
  11. The Love Machine

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    Best question I got asked 'so you jab quicker esters more frequently - so how do your family not seem to notice your high all the time'

  12. Doby

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    Welcome..more experts the better!
  13. Gator

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    Great to have another expert on the board...welcome Martin :)
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  15. Arterial Dan

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    Another great addition, you're on fire IB.

    Welcome Martin!