My Long Story From The Beginning... :D

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    Cheers to everyone good peoples. =)

    Let me introduce you to my journey from the beginning...

    My story about the gym was started in high school with my 16-17yrs. when I was playing football and ice hockey in the winter time.
    In the hope that I will put on some muscle mass on my height of 5ft9inch and 130lbs I go for to the gym and first two years were full of mistakes and errors, after aprox. every two months of training in the gym I had some break and so on. My magic wand at that time was miracul "whey protein", after every workout I was spending time in front of the mirror in order to muscles grow. xD (you now how is that goin). hahah

    All that years of the partial training and nutrition I spent on reading and learning, and by making excuses on my bad genetics, as I can not eat, and can not build any muscle mass, because I am weak, small, bad genetics, etc. etc...

    During the winter in that year I was hurt my pelvis in hockey training, which put me on the crutches and give me a several months of recovery, and after that months of rehabilitation.
    After that, I tried come back few times on the ice, but the risk for re-injury was too big. So guess... I finally dedicated myself fully to the gym. :D

    In 2007. to 2008. I´m starting to eating better and training harder, more active than usual with a rare breaks, but still go for a weekend drinking and missing my meals.
    All of this led me two steeps forward and one back, but the progress was about 20lbs from the inital weight with whom I entered in the gym.

    2009. was the year od an upheaval when I switched myself in the serious HC gym, really organize my training and nutrition without impovisation and disruption, and so continued until today, when I am completely dedicated and live this sport each and every day. =)

    Year by year after that, I continue from bulking to diet and gaining my muscles... and so round. :)

    I hope I´m not too choked you with the text, I tried to be as short as possible...

    In subsequent posts, I am gonna put images, so I would not too much mess the first post, in a overview.

    So, first is the period in high school during training hockey and attendance of the bodybuilding semi active...

    Then, period when I put some lil mass on approx. 155lbs.
    On this weight I was turning around for the whole 2008.
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    Good luck with your goals And welcome to ugm :)

    there are a lot of very knowledgable members on here - if and when you need some advice / help just Fire up a topic in the appropriate forums 

    enjoy your time here and more importantly enjoy what you do with your training and developmemt
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    And then I was started to gain slowly my weight on 170lbs. and go for my first bulking phase which was finished with 185lbs.

    After first bulking there was my first dieting. :)
    Which was finished with 158lbs, and thats almost the same weight which I have before the bulking. 
    But lil different distributed. :)
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    Just wondering how many forums you've posted this exact post? I'm sure I've seen it before. Exact same wording but a year ago and recently on another forum. Call me a cynical but I smell a rat. 
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    So what? Lol. 

    If I am post thread on one forum, I cannot open the same thread on different one because you are on the both forums like me?

    Or I need to write everything again what I once already wrote?

    Ask yourself what did you just post. ;)

    Made your own business and avoid my thread if you do not have something smart and specifically to say on topic...

    I am here to share my story, maybe motivate someone, and help...

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    So I think you've come on here to promote a business. If you want to advertise then pay like the rest of the sponsors. Don't get butt hurt because someone caught you spamming. If I'm wrong then fair enough (but I'm not).
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    I promote myself, my story, my journey and my knowledge, and I can help everyone who have the quest. off course if I know the answer...
    If this thread is out of forum rules then mods or admins have complete reason to delete it. Right? 

    And again... Your problem with that is? Exactly what? Explain me please, cause I dont understand.

    Like I already tell, "I am here to share my story, maybe motivate someone, and help..."

    You think I have superior power to force people work with me? Or maybe that people decide by themself what they wont for "self"?

    And continue to your post.

    Show me the forum rules where I can read that is not allowed to post pictures of me and my clients progress?

    Admins, moderators.

    If this thread is not by the rules of this forum, feel free to delete it, and sorry for that!

    Grimnir; please do not spam my thread anymore if you don´t have like a I said before, say something helpful and concretely! Thanks
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    Guys - No bitching please

    Other forums aren't UGM so everyone gets a clean slate but blatant service promotion is not allowed and will be dealt with if it arises. Please say on topic chaps.

    Good luck with the journal
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    You have certainly motivated me further to never wear crocs. 
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