My First Full Power Meet

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  1. holly

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    Here's a link to a vid I posted up.
    So I weighed 75.4 on Monday, did a slight carb deplete and weighed in at 70.6 on Friday, couldn't sleep Thursday night worrying about weight, dropped a sleeper on Friday night and still couldn't sleep. Got to the venue half seven am, puked up 4 times ready for squats at nine ish.
    I've never been so nervous in my life.
    Form was off compared to gym lifts but insomnia does that for you. Anyway I walked away with best overall female powerlifter
    Won my catagory and also deadlift only.
    There was a woman there who thought she had it in the bag, by deadlift I was 25kg ahead, after I put my deadlift opener in she literally gave up. She had been making snide comments to me all day and sniggering at me. So fuck her.
    Squat 155kg.
    Bench 100kg
    Deadlift 190kg
    445kg total 440wilks points.
  2. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Oh, I also set some British records in squat
    Extended my British record in deadlift
    And set an unofficial world record in deadlift
    The venue wasn't sanctioned so the WR isn't official
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  3. GymRatGresham

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    Congrats holly! That's awesome!
    Aside from the Vomming and the not sleeping!
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  4. Incognito

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    Yeaaaaa girl I like it! Smashing it well done
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  5. holly

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    Thanks @GymRatGresham and
    Loving this strength shizzle

    I've just been offered a coaching job.
    Gonna turn it down cos I've only been powerlifting less Than a year. I'm not qualified to teach it
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  6. Rentaghost

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    Well done hol, making dem powerlifting gainz!
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    amazing as ever hols.
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    Well done guys
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  9. holly

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    Cheers guys #prawnform #mongstrong for ever
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    Seriously impressive numbers there, well done!
  11. holly

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    Thank you Dan :)
  12. caleb

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    u guys are all at your peak smashing it well done.. :)
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  13. holly

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    Thanks buddy