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    Was a poster on S&F since its birth and since it has now closed ive realised i still have an account for this site and need somewhere to keep a journal.

    Current Situation:

    Off Gear since October 2014, so coming upto my 5th month off. During PCT i injured my rotator cuff so ive done no decent upper body stuff in a while now. I suspect i did this OHDB pressing and then aggravated it further by ignoring pain and training through it.

    I've been resting it as much as possible and supplementing my daily diet with fish oils and glucosapmine sulphate hoping this will help. Although ive lost size, i feel very healthy and mentally im in a better place. Gear makes me like a dog on heat and it is quite ridiculous at times tbh.

    Ive been training in Boxing and Muay Thai since August/September 2014 and have a white collar boxing fight in April.

    This type of training gives me no shoulder pain and is better than not doing any exercise. I see myself becoming a fighter now and will steer training towards that more than muscle building.

    My intention is to continue to rehab my shoulder back to health before doing any gear.

    At the moment my weekly schedule looks like this

    Mon: Boxing

    Tue: Boxing

    Wednesday: Boxing

    Thursday: College

    Friday: Muay Thai

    Sat:token weight training seesion, no real structure


    In the run up to my white coillar boxing fight i am doing more boxing however i will long term, switch this bias towards Muay Thai.

    When i feel i can weight train and do myself justice i am planning on the following

    Mon: Boxing

    Tue: Boxing

    Wednesday: Boxing

    Thursday: Dead, Pull up, Push Press

    Friday: Muay Thai


    Sun: Squat, Bench , Row

    5/3/1 format
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    My aim is to cut back on the weight lifting myself and go back to Ninjitsu/boxing
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    Hi Mia.
  4. swift

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    I realise I like having something to train for. And I feel , I do actually need something to train for to satisfy my personality. I will get a greater buzz fighting in front of friends and family than I will doing a physique contest. Plus the drug side of things has never sat too comfortably with me. I realised that my conscience would never let me run high amounts or for too long and I've never fancied slin and the like

    My intention from now on as far as ped's go, is too only run low dose prop and maybe var but nothing else.
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    Hello what was your past username mate?
  6. J_J

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    It was Ronin on S&F. See you've definitely taken the MT and boxing a lot seriously training wise since then.
  7. swift

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    Oh yeah I remember you mate! I guess TVL couldn't be bothered with SandF anymore?

    I have only done weights once this week and that consisted of 25kg flat db presses and seated rows. Not heavy chest work I know but I can only go as heavy as my weaker shoulder feels comfortable. It feels stronger but needs time.

    Tuesday I boxed at a White collar club, did a lot of running and cardio work

    Workout was as followed:

    4 rounds of skipping

    Jogging round in circles with lots of direction changes, high knees, run backwards, skip sideways

    Pair up with pads and gloves. Those with gloves doing 15m relay to the wall and back. On return had to throw 10 punches pad man jumping jacks throughout

    Shadow boxing one round

    Sparring body shots only x 3 rounds

    Sparring head shots x 2 rounds


    I trained with a pro boxer.

    skipping, stretching and pad work. Spent most of the session tweaking my right hand really getting the twist through my hip and delivering power better

    Thursday - work let me do day release 9am-6pm at college. Brain fried no training

    Friday - Muay Thai

    Now Training with a thai on Fridays that has had over 300 fights. Every session I feel I have learnt something. Today I learned how to step through the roundhouse better. Planting the left foot and turning toes out/ rolling hip over
  8. swift

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    Went to a a white collar event yesterday, my mate knocked out his opponent in 63 seconds, boy was out cold for 15 minutes

    Did some light weights today

    Flat db press 25kg's and a set on the 30's

    Underhand plate loaded lat pull downs. 40kg each side

    Performed more reps and my shoulder felt more comfortable so I'm happy with that as progression from last week
  9. swift

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    Trained Boxing for 1.5 hours drove across town and did another hour boxing.

    Tuesday: Day off

    Wednesday: 1.5 hours boxing

    Tonight will be some weights but need to see how shoulders feels. bag work after