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    Boy oh boy... hit the 'wall' 2/3rds of the way thru and weighed myself. I've lost close to 10lbs on the 'virus diet'.

    to 320-kilos x 6 reps

    15p x 12 easy reps, stack x 12 r/p reps (H) and stack x 10 r/p reps (H)

    One hand deadlifts
    to 140-kilos x f/1 and 1/f. Called it a day
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    one hand deadlift? How bizarre, never heard of those.
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  3. Mobster

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    Years old stuff. In fact over 100 I think. From what used to be called 'odd lifts'. BWLA used to (about 20+ years back) still list them in thier records. The IAWA still does. It's considered a test of hand strength hence my using it.
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    Need to see videos!
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    Ah Mobster, I remember you from MT many years ago, grip-strength was your thing wasn't it mate ?
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  6. Irish Beast

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    Was the UK grip champ if my memory serves me correctly. 

    I have done one arm deads before but my god they are hard to master. Grip is the biggest problem, luckily for you!
  7. Mobster

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    Four times

    Youtube and search for 'Steve Gardener Grip' or my old (can't access anymore account) 'GripperBookGuy'
  8. Mobster

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    Relative to my norm a tad down but in light of recent bugs ok.
    Seated Press
    to 100-kilos x 4 reps

    Hammer DB Curls
    to 40-kilos x 8 reps

    3" wrist roller
    to 65-kilos x 3 r/p reps

    TPD (v-bar)
    to 13p x 8 reps

    Squeezed in extra snack in the form of a toasted egg sandwich
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    Good to see you here.

    Always enjoyed your posts whether it be training or general from MT.
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    My belly doesn't like the force feeding so I gave it a couple of slaps to remind it whose boss lol

    A very nice grip session with Shay. Neither of us have touched the adjustable or pinch in weeks.

    Grippers - volume
    L/H: RB240 x 3, 4, 4 and 4 reps
    R/H: to '3 x 3, 5 and then GHP8 x 3 x 3 reps

    Shay to an off the floor but not tidy left handed +120kg and I did one rep with each hand also at +120-kilos

    Two hand pinch
    Shay to 92.7-kilos and myself to 102.7-kilos
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    Mobster, grip strength legend!

    Good to see you on here pal.
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    what is it you train for mate? quite intriguing this!
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    This lol
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    A two hand pinch sounds like some kind of lethal attack you would inflict on someone!
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    I also remember Mobster from MT. :tongue:
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