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    im looking for a good recipe foe a savory mince if anyone has one please was thinking of trying it with quinoa too i'm a bit of a noob with my diet so any advice would be great 
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    With leaner minces I always find that the cooking is the key. So if your making a pasta sauce with tomatoes make sure to get all your herbs and onions in and cook it low and slow for a long time

    It always tastes better the next day as well.

    Another trick I do is to mix 5% fat pork and 5% beef mince at a 1:2 ratio (eg 100g of p to 200g of b).

    As for savoury mince. Fresh peas, a small amount of the healthiest gravy you can find, Worcester sauce and a pinch of hot chilli is an awesome dish cooked low and slow again.

    With all mince dishes jack up the heat high to brown it asap then drain before adding you flavours.
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    Thats great dude thanks so much ill try that out 
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    The cutting deconstructed beef burger

    fry mince with onion

    add lettuce and tommato and spinach (diced)

    add ketchup and mayo sparingly

    sprinkle of cheese


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    I could live on this chilli.

    750g pork and beef mince

    2 large onions.

    150g mushrooms

    200g frozen mixed peppers

    Tin of chopped tomatoes

    Large red chilli

    Couple of spoons of chipotle paste.

    Ground Cumin seeds, coriander seeds and paprika

    Worcester sauce,

    Stock cube.

    Brown mince, add chopped onion, when that's softened add peppers, red chilli and mushrooms.

    Add stock cube and paste, mix in spices (I use about 2 tablespoons of all)

    Stir untill everything is coated,

    Add a good splash of Worcester sauce,

    Add tomatoes.

    Cook for as long as possible on a low heat. Although you only need to give it 20 mins really.

    Whole pan is

    1850 cals

    70 carbs

    70 fat

    226 protein
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    Here's my simple turkey mince diet staple...

    500g turkey mince, Season with salt and pepper, 1 tsp of dried sage, half tsp of dried thyme and half a tsp of dried rosemary

    either mould into patties or cook as mince in a pan... either way it taste exactly like sausage meat lol