Milk Thistle / Liv 52 Dosages

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Irish Beast, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Irish Beast

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    As mentioned in a previous post my liver values are quite elevated at the moment. I have done the sensible things like drop drinking significantly, clean up diet, drink more water etc. Only run low dose Testosterone at the moment and no plans to change that.

    Ive seen threads over the years about Milk thistle and liv 52 but I have never really bought into it. However I have noticed they are fairly inexpensive (unless you go to Holland and Barrett where they pull you pants down) so was going to order some.

    Just wondered what dosages people normally use? Is there any benefit to using both or do they work the same way? Also any good places to buy? Will probably buy quite a lot. Zipvit is fine for Milk thistle, just wondered about the liv 52. Can buy it on amazon fairly cheap but if people have pearls of wisdom (UK based ideally) then let me know.
  2. Clubber Lang

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    are there any proven tests showing either actually do anything?

    im sure milk thistle was unproven and really a waste of time? Sure, not 100%, that i read years ago someone did a cycle with and then without milk thistle and his blood/liver results afterwards were the same, other words made no difference. Dont quote me on that tho.

    Same with Liv52, has that been proven? Know a lot that take it and say they'd rather take it and think its doing something than not take it and it actually does.

    I use Tudca NAC, 2x caps per day, but only when using orals. Again, feck knows if it works lol.
  3. Irish Beast

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    Dont believe there are any studies. Probably just pseudo science, prepared to be proven wrong of course. Just picked up 2 months of liv 52 supply from ebay for £13. Thats taking 3 double strength tabs a day. Cant really grumble at that price and I assume they will cancel out any booze I have!
  4. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Just noticed on the description of the item you posted

    What are the benefits of supplementing with NAC?

    + May promote healthy liver function.
    + High quality pure NAC
    + Great value
    + May encourage healthy cholesterol levels.

    I suspect if it was clinically proven they would not be saying "May"
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    yeah this is what i mean, nothing is proven. Id imagine if it was it would be licensed and be a prescription med.

    i do drink low sugar cranberry juice during the week + always have a water bottle next to me with no-sugar dilute.
  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    I dont think there is anything for liver problems to be honest. A pharma company would have to fund the research themselves and there would be a risk even if it were to be proved successful that the NHS would not take it which is their biggest market. It would be a get out of jail free card to an extent for heavy drinkers, pill abusers etc if they offered a magic pill. Of course there will be a small portion who get liver damage through other means but I think its a reasonable assumption to make that its not a big proportion. Its ironic really as liver is the one organ that can repair itself without medication! Just means abstinence from booze etc which is not easy if you have picked your insides!
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    ive always been, or am, concerned about my kidneys more than anything.
  8. Irish Beast

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    Weirdly my kidneys are fine! I'll sell you one if you are fucked. If its not a match you don't get a refund.
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    irish organs work in an englishman? lol
  10. Irish Beast

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    Yes hetero organs do work on a homo!
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    I was under the impression that milk thistle was prescribed for Alchol liver damage. Not sure if it's in this country though but am sure I've read this somewhere
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  12. Scrappy

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    I assumed Liv 52 worked because when I was using harsher meds eg Tren and Oxy
    My hunger was restored if not increased after eating 2 a day