Medicheck....while On Juice...

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Clubber Lang, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Clubber Lang

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    going on from my other thread about taking creatine on juice and possibly adding stress to organs and getting to that age where people around me, non sted related, are passing away, got me thinking of maybe biting the bullet and getting some bloods done for the first time ever.

    been off and on juice for about a decade, taking less over the later years. Have no plans of coming off, maybe dropping orals or not taking as many lol.

    thinking of using Medichecks to see what damage has been done, but i dont fancy coming off juice and having weeks off before taking the test. So question is does it matter if i take the test mid cycle? See whats happening or has happened?
  2. spearman

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    Take the test right now if your on and then you have a baseline. If values are high, drop to trt and retest in a month or so.
    Ignorance is bliss......but dumb ;-)
    Yeah that wellman one you posted in other threat would be fine. Obviously your t will be hope ;-)
  3. paulthedog

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    Mate im in a similar position. On and off gear for about 10 years. Was running 1g test and 500mg deca just before Christmas and decided to get a blood test for the 1st time due to suspected prostate issue.
    Liver and kidney function were spot on. Red blood cell count was slightly above normal as was haematocrit. Cholesterol was 5.9 so highish. Oestrogen was well within norma range. I run 0.5 of a letro tab twice per week.
    Was actually surprised things looked not to bad.
    Have lowered dose to 500mg test and 250mg deca. Will retest in a month or so.
    If everthing comes back as normal i'll likely run this dose for a while.
    Glad i got the test and will monitor bloods every 6 month's now that im in my 40's..
  4. The Red Meat Kid

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    if looking for a supp to help bring some values into range and for health in general check out strom nutrition support max


    Add some curcumin to that and most bases are covered
  5. Paracelsus

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    Hey Clubber, you ever end up having those bloods? Be interesting to see!