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  1. Irish Beast

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    Im sure I asked this ages ago but can't find the thread!

    Started dieting today and although I have skipped breakfast thats not something I plan on doing long term!

    I don't eat eggs and want to keep my overall carb intake sub 100g if possible. Have turkey sausages which are not too bad. About 9g of carbs in them, so could have 3. Main meals are not too bad if you stick to the usual culprits, chicken, broccolli, lean mince etc so not overly concerned about that and will probably have some Arla yoghurt and mackerel to fill me about an hour before bed. Going to reduce slowly rather than doing anything too drastic. The first stone should come off fairly easily I imagine, especially as I am going to try and stay beer free during the week. If I can do that then half the battle is already won!

    Just looking for some ideas, particularly but not exclusively for breakfast. Budget is not massive no suggestions of carb free bacon that costs £10 for 2 slices please!
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  2. Rentaghost

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    2 pieces of bacon. 1 avocado, 2 eggs.

    asparagus, cherry tomatoes

    Half the avocado and remove the stone. Crack one egg into the hole in each avocado then put it in the oven at 180 degrees until the eggs are cooked. Stick the bacon in with it. Takes about the same amount of time.

    failing eggs, use salmon and have it cold. Eggs are a decent source of fats and protein though.... 
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  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    I don't like eggs, Cant stand them mate.

    Seems an odd combo to be fair. Back bacon grilled with the sausages and something green might be doable but not every day. Maybe its time for intermittent fasting again so the headache of breakfast goes away!
  4. Doby

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    Protein smoothie?

    my personal one

    in the blender

    bit of water, 2 scoops strawberry USN gf1

    170g 0% Greek yoghurt

    handful of frozen strawberries 

    57g protein 15g carb 2g fat
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  5. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Cheer Doby, 

    Something handy like that sounds good. May given it a whirl. Not used the USN gf1 before. Will do some investigation as I want to keep cost down as much as possible
  6. spearman

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    Coffee with coconut oil followed by a shake with coconut flour in it.
  7. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    I'm sure any bulk strawberry whey will do the Frozen Strawbs and Greek Yog give it the thick texture oh yeh I forgot add some ice too 
  8. Arterial Dan

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  10. The Love Machine

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    I went a good while without eating 'breakfast' stuff in the morning. Makes it far easier I found. Mrs thinks I'm bonkers - 

    Tuna and rice noodles. 

    Bolognase and rice 

    chicken fajitas 
  11. Wildone

    Wildone Elite Member

    Yeah I'm similar in that I hate eggs generally. 

    Tend to stick to a protein shake and cereal for breakie or as above, non breakfast stuff. Steak, salmon etc 
  12. mick_the_brick

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  13. AlriteGeezer

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    Got sick of eggs as of late too so now my breakfast is  1cup of oats mixed with 1 cup of 0% Greek yogurt, hand full off mixed berries... No cooking required, just mix all together in a bowl the night before, chuck in the fridge then it softens overnight. In the morning I take it out, bang a tbsp of nut butter into it and drizzle with honey.. Lovely 
  14. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

    125g quark mixed with 40g whey (white choc raspbery for me), 75g mxied berries and 20g flakes almonds. Leave in fridge over night
  15. andyboro

    andyboro Fat

    I have soy milky, whey and random fruit stuffed into one of those fruit ninja type blenders. 

    today was:

    250ml soy milk 8.5g p 1g c 5.3g f

    medium banana 1g p 23g c 0.5g f

    2 scoops of whey 47.5g p 3.6g c 4.2g f

    57g p 27.6g c 10g f 

    costs less than a quid all in.