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    Random thought.
    Isn't it funny how quickly life could change.
    6 months ago I had a steady long term relationship, our whole life planned out. A steady good job, a close circle of friends.
    And the I was made redundant, my relationship ended badly.

    And now I've met a brilliant womam, never got on with someone like I do her, everytime she stays over we end up awake until 6am chatting away. Lifts, tattoos, nerdy.
    I'm off back to college to chance the career I've always wanted but been too scared to do.
    I've got a much smaller circle of friends who mean a lot more to me.

    After all the low points I finally feel like I'm at a high point.
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    Getting out to see Anathema playing live again. Image below is one of there songs from the show. All lights out and fans lighting up the stage

  3. GymRatGresham

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    Trained legs yesterday.
    My house mate had to lift me off of the toilet 2 hours later. Because I literally couldn't stand.
    Job well done I'd say.
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    Good effort.... But if he had to wipe your arse too I'm worried chief.
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    Note to self.
    When running tren, do not wear a grey top out to the club.
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    When running tren, wear NO top ;oP
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    Just found out where @Rentaghost got his username. I’ve had a smoke and I’m fucking creasing here.