like a row of bombed out terrace houses

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  1. skinnyjoe313

    skinnyjoe313 not lifting focusing on other areas of my life

    well i think my teeth look like a row of bombed out terrace houses and its time to bite the bullet and get them sorted

    as a young child i had perfect teeth but since my early teens i've had bad teeth i can hide it well in pictures with the flash on



    but they still need fixing so i've decided i'm going to get braces, i have a full clinical appointment booked in two weeks to descuss things more with an orthodontist

    sorry for the graphic pics






    I fail to see how a consultation can put me off doing it.

    I will probably get ceramic braces if i can strech to it there
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  2. Sprite Goblin

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    I don't think they look too bad mate TBH. Certainly not
  3. Rentaghost

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    Seen far worse

    Ask about an invisi line, it's pretty much hidden but might not be suitable for you! Worth asking the dentist though
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  4. Grimnir

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    I think I speak for everyone when I say.... Did you meet her after all?
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  5. The Red Meat Kid

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    let us know how you get on will you
  6. Incognito

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    Amen. Fuck the hampsteds what happened with that bird!
  7. Arterial Dan

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    Looks pretty normal to me mate
  8. RAD

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    I reckon she must be covered in bite marks
  9. Incognito

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  10. Clubber Lang

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    look about the same as my teeth TBH.

    classic British look   lol
  11. skinnyjoe313

    skinnyjoe313 not lifting focusing on other areas of my life

    Well i went for my consultation today went well

    Been told i need 4 premolars out (first one from each quater)

    & that my top 4 incisors next to my fangs are badly worn from me grinding my teeth

    Will update when i start treatment :)
  12. holly

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    Mate your teeth arent too bad. That's serious cash for nashers
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  13. The Love Machine

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    This is how he gets the women.

    Drip feeds info and makes you come back for more......
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  14. skinnyjoe313

    skinnyjoe313 not lifting focusing on other areas of my life

    well i got my personalised orthodontic report today

    below are the picture they took at my consulation better then my amateur attempts at pictures lmao

    the teeth marked x are going to be extracted to make space






    i have been told my upper and lower jaw are in normal alignment which will simplify treatment. the upper front teeth tip backwards and due to lack of contact between the upper and lower front teeth. The bite is deep with the lower teeth biting close to the palate.

    the upper and lower midline of my smile are good

    the upper teeth are mildly crowded and there is sever crowding of the lower teeth, in addition some of the top teeth bite inside the bottom teeth (which is opposite then normal)

    i have been told 2 - 3 years to fix my problems which im ok with.

    the 4 front teeth that are worn down will need lengthening work with bonding or veneers after i have had braces which i will have to arrange at extra cost with my normal dentist but i will get lots of quotes for that from different dentists nearer the time.
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