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  1. rog

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    I thought id get this started to track my training and get a bit of help and advice from anyone with experience that fancies commenting.

    Ive changed weight training between sport specific, strength training, training for size for years. I just like getting strong and being in shape and im not overly fussed about changing things up to keep it interesting.

    At the moment im trying to get strong for powerlifting but id like to look in good nick and add a bit of mass too. Ive been doing stronglifts 5x5 and the low volume and lack of training days are doing my head in but as my squat is by far and away my weakest lift (due to a long lay off through a knee injury) i think its a good routine. I do find deadlifting very hard after 5x5 squatting and if it carries on i may end up changing things.

    My pb lifts at the minute are 245kg deadlift and a 147.5kg bench. Im still trying to build squat strength up but hopefully it will start catching up over the next few months.
    Dietwise i eat fairly clean but if i fancy a bit of rubbish ill eat it and then every sunday i have a 1500 calorie day with 2 hours of cardio, It seems to keep me pretty lean.

    Anyway, cheers for reading!
  2. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    1500 call day + 2 hour cardio, ouch, hungry.
    Have a little Google of prelipins chart, it's what most % based programmes are based on, you can pretty much tailor your own programme to suit

    I've been running the cube / auto regulating when I feel off, or good, it's going ok, plus you can add more volume if you like.

    Good luck on your squats, are you raw or raw with wraps? Recently moved to wraps myself and absolutely love them.
  3. rog

    rog Senior Member

    Ive threw the 1500 cal sunday out of the window already and had a harvester all you can eat breakfast with my little un lol.

    Cheers for that holly, just had a google and it looks good for more intermediate advanced lifters where progression is slower so i think it would work well on my dead and bench.
    For my squat im adding weight every session at the moment so i think ill stick with it until progression slows. Im squatting pathetic little weights at the moment though.
    Im squatting without wraps but i want to change that! Espescially with my gammy knee
  4. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    If strength is your aim, ditch any sort of calorie deficit and eat for strength

    Honesty my squats were so poverty, I've spent six months painstakingly scrutinising them, plus I have a spastic foot and one leg a lot shorter than the other, got 40 reps at 100 over 6 sets today so hope it carries over to 1rm

    There is so much you can do to up your squat weight, I'm an advocate of videoing each set so you know if your knees are coming in or if foot stance is a bit off, then u can tweak it on your subsequent sets.
  5. rog

    rog Senior Member

    Im not just after strength, i want lean size as well. Ill start making squat videos and sticking them up if you can help?
    I think my forms fairly solid, ive started very light on the stronglifts routine to work up like youre supposed to and i think thats helping me get keep form nice before getting to the heavier weights.

    I was so close to jacking the routine in today because of the lack of volume and the fact that deadlifts were on the same day as squats. I changed my mind though as ive wanted to have a bash at this for a while now and ill only be wanting to do it again if i dont stick with it.
    I did add a few lifts though

    Squat - 5x5 - 95kg
    Military press - 5x5 - 50kg
    Deadlift - 1 x 5 - 210kg
    Chins - 3 sets to failure
    Reverse x-over superset with facepulls - 3 sets
    Pinwheel curls - 3 x 12 - 30s
    Machine curl - 3 sets
  6. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    That sounds cool @Incognito is awesome at heavy squats too, he should definitely advise.
    I'm a fan of power building, compounds first followed by 4-6 assistance exercises, then core.
    Best of both worlds.

    How did you find deadlift after squats and Ohp?
  7. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

    First you are chasing a golden egg mate without a lot of drugs size stength and conditioning all out of the same diet/routine won't be happening.

    Not sure what you look like So can only
    Give General advice - unless you are a slob and can't see your toes fucking forget dieting for a bit if strength is your aim.

    Routine is perfect I'd suggest the Texas method as a progression that's what I did. Once you know yourself from these routines after 9-12 months free style
    - one main compound followed by assistance.

    Listen to your body. Even on steroids and growth hormone I still turn up and can't lift for shit some days down to fatigue. Learn to speerate this from being lazy if it's genuine fatigue best
    Best bet mentally is walk away and come back to that next week. Deads are my better lift however they are also the one move that goes down the shitter when I haven't recovered.

    Forget your average cardio for your goals. Farmers walks / sled / prowler / improvise. Short hard heavy leaves you sucking for air and is specific at least.
    Walking 5 miles or runnin HIT for 30 won't carry over much for example.

    Ps you don't need volume for strength stick with first routine mate keep loading and deloading. You also don't need to mindlessly Cain assistance try and pick things that actually improve and area.
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  8. rog

    rog Senior Member

    @holly yea i do like the whole power building thing. I train to look good tbh but i find it tedious if theres nothing else to strive for.
    I found deadlifts much better thsn i did last time. Hopefully my body is getting used to it

    @Incognito cheers for the input bud. Im not in too bad shape, im about 95kg with vague abs, ill put a pic up.
    The thing is im training for strength to keep me interested but in all honesty im training to stay in good nick. Im just trying to bring my squat up to the level of my bench and deadlift and hopefully add strength all over.
    Ill keep my eye on the over training side of things
  9. rog

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  10. holly

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    Looking good tbf :)
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  11. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    fuck all wrong with that for a starting point!
    keep doing what you're doing lol, its clearly working.
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  12. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Dem traps tho!
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  13. rog

    rog Senior Member

    Cheers hybrid and holly..... i dont have too bad traps considering i dont think ive ever done a shrug in my life. All deadlifts, stiff legs and delt work..... my calves on the other hand... :/
    im not massively fussed about adding a bit of fat but im trying to limit it by having 1 low calorie day per week. It seems to be working and allowing me to relax a little bit with my diet.
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  14. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    another way to do it is to have high carb days on training days and low carb days on off days. nice and simple. nothing to do with fuelling your workouts i just feel better during a hard session if i've had some good food that day. kettlebell swings are a good conditioning tool and they will help your deadlifts and squats(when you can do them) as well by increasing recovery and getting you used to firing from the hips. just do them at the end of your weights session. light kettlebell for 100 swings.
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  15. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    .....fuck calves ;-)
    I tend to do what nh does with carbs

    Just get confidant under the bar, hammer your tec and the weights will gradually improve