Ldl - Gainz N Painz (log)

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by LeeDaLifter, Nov 2, 2019.

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  1. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    I was Bang on all my vits n shit..... lost interest in it on that side... mainly just focus on lifting...

    I need get back on to it
  2. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    So detailed. Thanks for all the information you provide. I feel more intelligent after reading your post.
  3. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Wey..... What 'Details' u want to know?

    My posture? weights involved? what I ate before, during and after? what my 'Macros' are every day??

    U joking me?? U lot think im a mug to start with.... im gan leave details till later on
  4. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Im losing Size everyday and im gan catabolic....
  5. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    I was bigger when I wasn't fucking about in BB Forums.... Too much of a distraction, just CBA sharing 'Da Journey' with you... I came here, meet by a mug that summed up this forum.... I pasted a GYM the other day, seen 5 lads come out of it, all them looked like dirty, trampy smackheads - not even lying.... Every time I passed that GYM I had a raj feeling that it was a grotty shithole of a GYM..

    Im gan get back on it.... after this post im away to workout... a long sesh, hurtful one.... im not a dumb cunt - I understand what I need to do...…

    I heard on the news a roid dealer got caught hahaha.... Looks like all you RoidGainers out there might lose ur Gainz haha
  6. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    not being a dumb cunt is questionable
  7. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    Fuck off then

    Gan do one
  8. Simon

    Simon Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry Lee...
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