Ldl - Gainz N Painz (log)

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by LeeDaLifter, Nov 2, 2019.

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  1. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    This is my GAINZ LOG...

    As of this point... I will refer to my bodys state as a 4/10... That's my Base...

    HAHAHAHAHA... here mate.... listen hahaha...----- Ill upload pics soon --- If u upload a Pic and people of the forum cant see Needle marks, u get a straight BAN hahahaha…. (other forums) (utter PIG SHITE)


    EH?????? EH???????? PIG-SHITE?????? …. Wey that sums up 90% of BBers these dayz (online atleast)
  2. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    Get this guy to fuck @Simon
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  3. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Who you like mate?

    Think iv seen ur name about somewhere...… Means nowt to me.... Just some fool looking to be knocked out
  4. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    what have i just read?! lol
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  5. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Just Had workout... Feeling better for it.

    Did sets of my standard routine... did some over-head sets to try beast shoulders out.

  6. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Uv just read the Middle (coz done the start) of my journey to MASS GAINZ

    I get big then gan small again n spend forever trying to catch up
  7. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

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  8. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Haaaa…… NATTY-BAN????

    Ban coz Natty eh????

    Wey post some to me n ill join the party mate
  9. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Try editing your posts so they are more readable. Look at the other logs as examples. Whole point is to give people reasonable information to help you but you have provided next to nothing. Will leave this open for now but try and tidy up please or it will get deleted
  10. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    He’s been banned of ukm and tmuscle for just posting drivel
  11. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Next to Nothing???

    Im not surprised! iv just started this log!! so theres not goin to be a lot of info in atm.

    I just wanna lift n learn how to lift, im not in it for posh wank or extra MAN points.... IM JUST GAN KEEP LIFTING!!!

    I don't wanna start getting aggressive like on Other Forums coz Fools have their heads SOOOO far up their arse that they can taste their breakfast...

    Lad chill out and stop being a proper Fool..... aye they ban me, does not bother me, ill keep lifting.

    If you DONT like my DRIVEL then do one..

    Today iv done:

    6x10 Curls
    5x10 (shoulder work) (forgotten the name of it)
    6x10 curls >into> press..

    A weak workout but gets my body gan…..

    If u can keep up with my DRIVEL u might Learn something ;)
  12. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    Football thread = Drivel

    Boxing Thread = Drivel

    Food Thread = Not Drivel

    Pig-Shite = Lads using BodyBuilding to attract women...… Fucking fancy-boy wannabes haha
  13. NM1

    NM1 Elite Member

    Where are you from Lee? North East I take it?

    How long have you been training?
  14. LeeDaLifter

    LeeDaLifter Member

    About 4/5 years.... Was very consistant but didn't understand about proper nutrition n ect..... hit it erveryday n got big.... lost GAINZ coz didn't know what was doing really.
  15. NM1

    NM1 Elite Member

    Nice man, what are you doing nutrition wise? What's an average day?
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