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    I'm sure this has been mentioned before but why not get some up to date info.

    My GF started keto around 2 weeks ago now. I dont know a huge amount about it but pointed her to some resources on the matter. She knows about dieting in general as she used to my a slimming world manager but keto is a different beast completely.

    I must say some of the keto meals she has been making are top notch. Sometimes I add carbs in and sometimes I don't. I think a carb reduction doesnt do any harm unless you are bulking of course.

    Its an areas which I am largely unfamiliar with but understand the basic concept. I just wonder if there are any pearls of wisdom which could be shared or anything which would speed up the process (exercise is not really practical due to her time constraints) which is a shame.

    I might be going mad in the head but Im sure I remember ket sticks being pimped around forums at one point and wondered what the low down with them is?

    She losing pounds slowly which is fine as she doesnt have a massive amount to lose. Maybe a stone or just over to be 'target'. Shes just a normal person in regards to weighlifting etc. In the sense that she doesnt do anything which would make her muscular so the scales are sadly what she relies on. I guess having worked in Slimming world thats what everyone is judged on so she has been brainwashed to a degree. I joined SW when she was working there and dropped 2 stone fairly quickly. Was weird though as in week 1 (u always lose more) I dropped 11lbs. In the second week I stuck to the identical regimen and gained 0.5lbs which I cannot explain. Always weighted on saturday morning early, no food, cleaned bowels when possible! etc to keep other variables consistent. Dropped the 2 stone and lost interest then as she quit working for the company and thefood prep was a bit of a ball ache. Just a bit of semi irrelevant info there.

    Anyway if anyone could share their keto experiences with me that would be great. Im particularly looking for things that accelerated and also things that where counterproductive. I bought her a supply of electrolyte tablets just to make sure she wasnt missing out on the essentials before e,mbarking on a diet which she is sticking to very well, has cut out drinking completely which is good for her weight loss and my pocket!!

    Thanks in advance
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    I would genuinely just focus on calorie deficit and a balanced diet personaly.

    If the novelty of a specific diet aids adherence though I guess there is something in that.
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    I ran the keto a couple of years back its great for dropping weight but I found it unsustainable tbh

    Over the coming months I just felt shit and like Roy says I had to go back to a more controlled balanced diet to feel better.So yeah it didn't work for me but others have found it great

    I have heard of them keto strips I think they measure ketos in your urine so you know when your in ketosis but never used them myself so don't know if they are a worthwhile thing.
  4. Irish Beast

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    That is certainly a massive element in my opinion as well but shes sticking to it whereas she has struggled in previous months with traditional calorie controlled diets. She likes cooking so cooking new stuff that's keto friendly keeps the interest up as well. Just hope it yields the results shes after. Doesnt have a massive amount to lose by any means. A lot less than me but Im just not in a place to even think about diet now. Ive cut out takeaways (maybe 1 a month) and cutting back on the drink a bit. Other than that diet is average at best, well below average in BB terms
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    If your only on one takeaway a month what is it that makes u bang the weight on?

    Loads of crisps n choc or do you cook big hearty meals?
  6. Irish Beast

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    In fairness Ive not really put that much weight on. However the simple answer is beer as I drink pints pretty much every day. Even though I drink Coors light its still 100 odd cals a pint. Cut down on the chocolate a lot. Basically because she stopped buying it. Went through a phase of buying huge bars night after night and was eating them because they were there. Now that shes on keto my chocolate intake is probably down 80%. Can never resist a bag of crisps with my pint. Simple pleasure which I have no intention of stopping. Something I do need to stop is getting a sausage roll every time I go to the post office! The post office share a room with a deli opposite the post counter that does epic sausage rolls! To be honest a lot of days I only really eat 2 proper meals and the rest is snacking on junk, but not huge amounts of it. As I mentioned in another thread buying a mountain bike was a great investment a few months ago as I was doing a far bit on it and cycling to places instead of getting taxis. Every little helps
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