It's Taken Us Month's To Get All These Outstanding Steaks...

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    It's taken us MONTH's to get all these outstanding Steaks...

    £47.10 Speciality Steak Box - Now JUST £30!

    We have teamed up with a 20+ year Steak extraordinaire whose worked alongside the world's best chefs from Texas, to Kobe Beef in Japan to help choose these steaks for you!

    From JUST £1.58 per item:
    2 x 170g 35 Day Matured Sirloins
    2 x 198g British Ribeye Steaks
    2 x 170g Wagyu Hache Steak

    Plus These Too...
    2 x 170g Centre Cut Steaks
    2 x 170g Matured Pure Rump Steaks

    And These Extra's Too:
    2 x 113g British Rump Steak Burgers
    6 x 57g Giant Great British Meatballs
    1 x 30g Grillstock Steak Seasonings

    LIMITED - to 500 steaks. Because speciality steaks like these aren't always readily available to buy.

    *On-page T&Cs apply