Is My Test Level Really Normal

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Irish Beast, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Long story short - I was on for years and came off completely about 4 months ago.

    Explained to doc I had no libido etc at all (she knew about gear)

    So got a Serum Testosterone test done and it came back as 8.3 nmol/l which they marked as normal but from research normal is far more than that. Maybe I need a specific test but have asked for a bit of reassurance as someone of my age (37) should be in the 20's which I am clearly not!

    Can anyone help. No sex drive, erections, and generally feel s**t!

    If there is a specific test I need doing please let me know. Cheers all
  2. spearman

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    Mate I am in the same boat. I am the same age as you and mine is 10 something. No idea what my baseline was prior to starting gear. My libido isn’t great either.

    Time and a healthy lifestyle is all you can do to see if you creeps back up.

    Where did you get the info that it should be in the 20’s?
  3. Rentaghost

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    It’s in the range so yeah.

    There is no normal set figure as it’s individual as with anything, if it sits in the range then yeah it’s normal.

    “ in the twenties “ is a load of shite. It varies from person to person. Very few guys who have used gear would be in their twenties.
  4. Paracelsus

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    Hey IB
    How's it going now?
    You're right that test alone doesn't tell the whole story. You need total T, E, free T, SHBG and prolactin etc. All of these should be part of a male hormone panel - it's possible they were tested but the doc didn't bother going into details.
    You could for example have ok T but some ratios out of whack which could cause issues.

    Sounds like you could do with another PCT maybe.

    It took me some months after dropping gear after my 8 year stint to start getting morning wood, but it's consistent now and sex drive is ok (but still not what it was)
  5. Yorki1962

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    My test was 0.5 nmol/l went to the docs now on TRT it's gone up to avarage 0f 7nmol/I my TRT is test 1000mg/4ml every 11 weeks when I self dose with 500mg test per week with my TRT my free test goes up to 54nmol/l but it does depend on each individual