Intermittent Fasting Again

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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Hi all,

    Started the IF today again and going to see how it goes, remember using it well during my weight loss challenge. Im a bit rusty on the details but recall @Arterial Dan in particular being clued up.

    Basically going to try and eat no later than 10pm at night and nothing in the morning until midday.

    This will however mean weights and cardio would be fasted. No protein afterwards. Is this going to be detrimental? I could time the session so that the fasting ends after my workout

    I seem to recall also that BCAAs were okay to take, can someone recommend a good one. Last question, Am I right in assuming that even diet drinks are a no no during the fasting period, diet coke for example
  2. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    Hiya mate, going from my knowledge of Leangains, weights and cardio fasted is ok, I think Berkhan does recommend BCAA's prior to a weights session, although when I used it in the past it never really bothered me.

    Diet drinks are ok btw, diet coke etc etc , black tea/coffee

    PS is 12pm-10pm what you mean mate, just that it's a 10 hour feeding window as opposed to 8 ?
  3. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    good luck bud, i could force myself to starve, id be a horrible moaning aggressive bastard about 3 hours in lol.
  4. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Yeah I generally eat something around 10pm. Recently Ive had a very poor appetite in the morning so figured that I will try and fast from 10pm to midday initially then maybe extend but its not easy.

    Does it have to be done every day to be effective? I imagine there will be some days where I have to eat on waking.

    Alternative I guess is to open that pot of DNP! Never heard of vertex labs before so it might be utter shite
  5. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    instead of DNP you thought about tapering up and down on high dose T4, if your on gh? Or using T3/4 + Clen?
  6. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Yeah I've been thinking of alternatives as dnp just ruins me!

    Got gh and clen so could try that. Don't really think much of t3s but could try and I did order some cos they were cheap that should land soon. Will be like a human furnace!
  7. Inz@ne

    Inz@ne Elite Member

    Im doing this every monday bro

    not eating for 18 hours. Only taking BCAA, drink alot of water with lemon and some green tea. A shake after the gym, or ill just train late and eat like a fucking horse afterwards. It keeps me pretty ripped, and i also have bad apetite on mornings, pretty cranky around dinnerime :p
  8. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Yea, it's pretty simple mate.

    Keep an 8 hour eating window. (You'll know it's getting really effective when you struggle with this - when you're hungry is when you're losing fat the fastest).
    You can stick to that everyday, or change it to suit you depending on your social life. (but it's easier when you keep consistent hours due to hunger hormones such as Ghrelin)

    So first meal at 2pm, last meal at 10pm.
    Move the hours around to suit you. If you don't get up until 2pm and don't sleep until 6am, then change it.
    I've used all different variations of it.
    e.g. increase calories by half on a Saturday, to allow for some cheat meals or beer. Halve calories on a Sunday to make up for it (protein/veg only)
    e.g. weekdays 8 hour eating windows, weekends 4 hour eating windows
    e.g. don't eat all day until 9pm, then eat all meals at 9pm.

    There are a multitude of ways you can do it.
    Only thing I would say is to make sure to keep some T3 in, because your thyroid can drop off, so you want to keep the hormone artificially elevated

    If you want even faster results, then combine it with the Keto diet.
    If you want the fastest results possible, then combine it with the galeniko diet.

    No fasted cardio is never detrimental.
    I take BCAA during fasted cardio and fasted weights (taking BCAA won't break the fast - the main reason I do this is because it seems to stop me going hypo.
    I used to hypo all the time before, never have since I began using BCAA.

    I find the Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is the best - blueberry flavour.
    If you want one without caffeine, then Scivation Xtend is good - not gone on the watermelon flavour myself, but the strawberry is alrite, not tried the others.

    If you want faster results, then take an ECA or YCA pre-fasted cardio. And 20mcg Clen afterward (no need to increase past this).

    Assuming you're not separating the cardio, then take the YCA stack before weights (make sure you're fasted, then cardio after, then take the 20mcg Clen when you're finished)

    Personally, I lift better when fasted. It might take your body a week or 3 to adapt, but I'll bet you're the same.

    When you're bodyfat is somewhere between 15% and 10%, you'll probably need to bring some carbs back in during the workout. So use an AIO.

    In terms of DNP, I would only use it at the weekend.
    It fucks up protein synthesis, so you're wasting your time using it during the week.

    Here is the basic diet template I use:
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  9. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    Good stuff Dan, just with you mentioning the Galeniko diet, will you have anabolic support IB ?

    I only mention it as I used it recently unsupported to lose a few llb's and it shed what little muscle I did have left like no tomorrow.
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  10. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Cheers for the poast @Arterial Dan . Bang on the money as to what I needed. Hungry this morning but water and tea uusually kills an hour. Then might pop a few sibutramine for placebo if nothing else. I think I respond poorly to them as I have some which I thought were shite and gave them to another member on here who find them very good and hes a big lump as well but much leaner than me

    I still have the diet that James Collier wrote for me so may use that (I have talked to him about tweaking) as it was initially designed for my horrendous working lifestyle, but thats now gone so I have more 'freedom' regarding eating. However its not an IF diet. Just one that worked very well for the few short weeks I stuck to it

    Cheers for the BCAA recommendation @Arterial Dan . Will acquire some. I was worried about the effects of fasted lifting, always been a fan of fasted cardio.

    I notice that Musclefood have finally launched their protein beer!! Going to order a few of them. Cheaper and better than pints in the pub. Not the same but swapping the odd time can only help

    @Dirty Harry Yes AAS support will be in there but nothing major

    600mg of Test per week
    5iu GH 5 times a week (UG) which will soon change to 4iu of Pharma 3 times a week. Might throw the odd mtren or T5 in pre workout but have no plans to use silly amounts of gear. Just not needed at this point.

    Hope to train today so will get the journal moving again. Few people have said Im breating very heavily which is not nice to hear so need to get weight off fairly quickly as 21 stone is far too heavy. 18 would be ideal for me. Would even be happy at 19 to be honest.
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  11. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    That's more than enough IB, pretty sure (from memory) as low as 125mgs test E a week would suffice on the Galeniko one.

    All the best with it bud.
  12. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Got a few more questions

    The BCAA you recommended @Arterial Dan arrived today. How much should I use before fasted cardio?
    Secondly I missed the fact that you suggested clen afterwards. Whats the logic behind this. Wont it just make me feel very edgy, particularly if I have an ECA before the workout! Sounds awful but Im sure there is reasoning behind it. I cant remember what clen specifically did for me but recall it being alittle unpoleasant. Have quite a bit of it kicking around though and ECAs. If its for appetite suppression I think I would avoid but another reason could tempt me!
  13. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    1 scoop during cardio
    2 scoops during weights

    ECA/YCA have shorter half lives.
    Clen has a longer half life.

    Idea is that any triglycerides you have floating around in your blood stream will be mopped up by the clen, speeding up fat loss.
    If you're going to eat PWO, then I'd probly give the clen a miss.