if hit a PB, how much of an icrease do you set goal at

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  1. New Hybrid

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    say you nail a 275 deadlift, do you set youe next deadlift goal at 300? or 325? same with squat. clearly bench will be a bit of a smaller increment.
  2. dirtyvest

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    It would largely depend on how I felt went getting to 275 and how well 275 went... it would also depend on how far into training life a person is.

    Generally I think aiming the goal at +10% is wise. You don't want a target that is too far on the horizon.
  3. Drago

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    Totally depends on the lift and my experience with it and also the length of time I expect it to take.

    For example I have been doing a lot of OHS and snatching recently and a though I have been doing these a while I've never really followed a proper progressive development program for them, and a lot of the progress will come from improvement of mobility and technique. So I've been aiming for about a 5-10kg bump per month. Injuries permitting etc etc

    if it was squat if not expect an increase of more than 5-10kg in 12 weeks.

    In fact I know some guys who aim for a 0.5-1kg increase every week which works well for them on some of the lifts- mental thing I suppose but if you think 26kg increase in a year if you manage to somehow stick with a 0.5 increase a week... It's not bad!!
  4. holly

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    Oh fuck me if I could put 10kg on my squat in 12 weeks I'd be laughing 

    I am finding the stronger you get, the harder it is to get stronger 

    I'm happy with 2.5kg increments on any lift at the mo 

    My ultimate deadlift goal is a all time all fed world record of 260kg ish, need to put some fucking work in. 

    Squat 200

    Bench 150 

    But my lifts generally don't fly up in the gym, more of a comp lifter. 
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  5. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    Depends on the lift for me.

    im just shooting for an 800 total..... I get there however I get there tbh. Deadlift PB last mon was 272.5kg, 280 is the next one I want to scratch off and I've probably got it in me now tbh. 300 is the real target.

    Goinh for 160 bench PB tonight, next target if it goes well tonight which it should will be 170kg I expect.

    Probably try another squat PB soonish. Current is 207.5kg for 1 but 215-220kg would go comfortably now I reckon. Need to work hard on it this year though. Will be my main focus I think this coming year...
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  6. holly

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    They're good numbers rents! 

    Any thoughts on which fed you will be competing in next year?  
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  7. Rentaghost

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    Thanks hol, only just getting started really, picked it up in June but I fucking love it! It's really got me motivated again just beating targets. Hard graft though. Never had to train so hard to keep things moving and even food intake alone is a chore isn't it!

    I think I'll probably do the BPU as I know a few lads involved with them. I Want to push my squat up a bit further so it's more in line with deadlift between now and summer/Autumn and get one in around then. I'll just turn up to the comp and hit it hard and see what I can move, hopefully bag a few pb's, get the comp experience then I'll look into it more seriously. See about fitting into a weight class where I might be competitive somewhere after that.

    Need to do a bit more research really. Haven't looked into it too hard bar a vague intention to compete and a couple of conversations with the lads I mentioned. Thought about Stoke with the BPU in Jan but it's too early and I needed a break from gear tbh.
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  8. holly

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    The bpu are a brilliant fed, really lifter friendly, the judges really get behind you and support you, the lifters are friendly 

    They are hosting the euros this year so get your membership and entry forms in early because I've a feeling people will miss out on spaces. 

    Here is the comp list 


    Yeah know what you mean about time off. 20 days and counting for me lol 

    What do you weigh? 
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  9. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    this sounds sensible.
  10. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    kit makes things different too i guess.
  11. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    yeah thanks hol, my mate said exactly the same! I'll get onto it soon.

    im around 17 stone 5 atm. Prob gonna climb though in the new year.

    Failed the 160 bench tonight though, twice!

    Pissed 150.. Did 155 a few weeks back ok.

    160 stalled about 3 inches up both times. Couldn't get the momentum going.

    I'll just have to get stronger and try again.... I'll hit it on my next blast in new year now I think.
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  12. holly

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    try pin press bud, it's a real good strength gainer, start off 5x5 for feels 

    Also if you don't do it already, if your going for a max effort, think about your warm ups, do enough to be warm and ready but don't fatigue yourself

    Bar x 8, 40 x 6, 80x 4, 100 x 2, 120 x 2, 140 x 1, 150, 160 

    May be worth going 155

    160 next heavy week  
  13. Rentaghost

    Rentaghost Moderator Staff Member

    pin press sounds ideal actually. I'll look into that one.

    Dont think I can blame fatigue it just wasn't there today. I went 

    40x8 70x5 90x5 110x3 130x2 140x1 150x1 160xfail

    Just didn't go. It was like that extra 10kg was 100kg!

    all felt great till that 160, just couldn't power through after the pause, 3 inches or so and it just stalled. Prob need to bring my tri's up and address tech. It's my first real stall on strength stuff that tbh. 

    Pin press should defo help address that potential weak point though, cheers for that! I'll see about incorporating that going forward!

    Nice one hol!
  14. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    no worries mate :) 

    I was stuck at 90 until I encoperated pin press, if it failed near lock out, your nearly there anyway

    Ooooh also, I really struggled to remember to pause my bench, get your mate to give you pause and rack commands like in a comp   
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  15. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Floor press is good also! 
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