how strong are you?

Discussion in 'Strength & Powerlifting' started by holly, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    found this cool calculator online

    just type in your weight, gender and lifts at what weight and reps and it works out your strength, i just did power lifts so squat, bench and deadlift 

    i got 98.3

    what do you guys score
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  2. Gator

    Gator Elite Member

    This is awesome, thank you for sharing Holly.

    I got 107.9

    Interestingly enough, the muscle groups is suggested were my weakest are in fact those which I'm currently trying to bring up after neglecting for too long.
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  3. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

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  4. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    86.8 proficient, my chin ups let me down but bp was advanced so I'm happy with that. 
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  5. RAD

    RAD Elite Member

    84.8 FPMSL

    I didn't appreciate the way it laughed sfter analysing my lifts
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  6. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    Haha poor rad

    My squats are my weakest, not surprised 

    Gator you are a machine

    I'm coming for you Incognito 

    Grim just imputation full power lifts and see how you fare 
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  7. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

    88.7 recalculated on main 3 lifts. Slightly better thanks hol. 
  8. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    God my spell check is dyslexic what is "imputation" 

    It's quite an interesting little site 
  9. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

    Hahaha fuck that @holly I'm now upping the dose!! I want to be @gator cool not just cool. 
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  10. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Wouldn't let me enter any lifts I do more than 10 reps on.... so that didn't leave me with much I culd enter LOL
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  11. J_J

    J_J Master of the King's Stable

    Over 9000.
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  12. Incognito

    Incognito Resident wookie

    DV you bloody pumper you 
  13. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    119.7 based on my all time maxs. 
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  14. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    That's a good score :) 
  15. 187

    187 Elite Member

    mine was so pathetic ill pass on posting it.
    safe to say the local kids probably lift more than me.

    nice little site though, information was pretty accurate and the chart is handy for benchmarks.
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