How do I look after myself while using PED's?

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    I've been using AAS and other PED's for approaching 2 years now having made a decision to 'stay on' indefinitely.

    I am not naive in that I accept there may well be some long term health implications to my use that could potentially very serious.

    So far I've made little effort to look after myself and reduce risk in the mindset that 'I havnt been at it long I don't need to worry yet'.

    I want to try and look after and monitor my health as best I can while using PED's but I have no idea how.

    In reality I won't ever make it to a GP over it so I need to get on top of it.

    Any advice much appreciated.
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    Monitor blood pressure and keep that in good ranges

    Private blood test via "medichecks" once a year or something.

    But in reality what will blood tests do, if something out of range people dont come off the gear for good anyways.

    On the blood tests look out for haemoglobin and hemocrit, if its high can just give blood (not by rules as injected) but can pay like
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    of course can get ecg and heart stuff but in general not many do this.............

    EDIT - just see this was in ask the experts section.....

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    All input appreciated mate thanks :)

    Had a look on medichecks and there appears to be a comprehensive blood test...liver, kidneys, cholesterol, red/white cell count!
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    @Roy@/_ Thanks for the msg. Having seen this title I felt it needed a speedy response. Whilst @Dr Waktare would be much better placed to answer this seeing as he's a physician I think there are some things I can contribute too and whilst I'm reluctant to give too much advice on 'Safe' use there are some things I think I can comment on. The first is that would definitely ask you to reconsider making a visit to your GP. I know many AS users think that their GP's don't understand what it is they are trying to do but every GP and doctor does have your welfare as their first priority. If you feel you're not getting the support you need then maybe look into changing doctors to one you feel comfortable with although I'm sure they will all be willing to help where they can. I am not here to lecture or patronise anyone but I really do think this should be priority number one and I'm sure many on here would agree. Although do correct me if  I'm wrong as it's always interesting to hear other users thoughts, particularly those that have used for a substantial period of time. 

    The second major point is that I'm interested to know why you've decided to stay on indefinitely and if I understand correctly in thinking you mean you're staying on all the time i.e with no period 'off' cycle. Seeing as you haven't been using for that long a period, relatively speaking, I would think that you could still make substantial gains with shorter cycles and lower doses (obviously I'm interested to know what sort of dose you're currently on/have been on). I should stress that this shouldn't be taken as me advocating their use at all but for me this is about risk reduction as much as anything else. The use of cycles allows the body time to try and 'normalise' its self. AS act in a very similar fashion to a hormone (in this case testosterone) and so require receptors either on the cell wall or in the cells themselves. If the body is bombarded by an AS or a hormone it will reduce the number of receptors that are available for it as not as many are needed. This is essentially what happens with type 2 diabetes, the body has so much insulin from the high sugar intake that the cells become less responsive to the insulin as less receptors are produced by the cell. This then reduces the effect that insulin can have on the cells meaning the body is unable to process the sugar properly. By this rationale, it would mean that more AS would not necessarily illicit a greater response as there wouldn't be as many receptors to allow the cell to respond to the AS. 

    I hope this makes sense but let me know if you want me to clarify anything. Before I go on with any further suggestions I think it's best to clear a couple of the points that I wasn't sure about, mainly; if you mean you're staying on continuously, and what sort of dosage you are currently/have been using? I hope that's ok, it's just the more information that's available the better. 
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    nice thread idea and nice reply mate. good additon this feature
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    @Dr Waktare

    @Dr Angell

    Thanks for the swift reply. I have tried to answer as best I can below.

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  9. Dr Angell

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    Thanks for the reply. I do see your point with regards to disclosure etc and I must admit I'm not 100% sure on what the situation is should you go for medical insurance in relation to your GP records. I would assume they don't have access to them but I'm guessing you may have looked at this so do correct me if I'm wrong. My only point on this would be that should you not fully disclose everything that the insurance company asks you and they find out you haven't, then that would invalidate the policy anyway. And let's be fair, insurance companies will generally try whatever they can to avoid having to pay out a claim! 

    Now I must admit I thought I was pretty well versed in the culture of AS use but 'blast and cruise' is a new term to me, although I'm familiar with the practice. I can see why this might be an appealing method for fast gains and why you would think that time-off would be counter-intuitive to what you want to achieve. However, if you go over the point I made about the receptors, whilst you may lose a bit of size when you come off, you will also gain quicker when you go back as the body has returned to some form 'normality' and so the AS will illicit a greater response. 

    In regards to your dosage, there are some very high doses there. I have seen some pretty high doses on occassions from participants, some of which were very high level BB competitors but the 3000mg is definitely up there as one of the biggest doses/week I've encountered. I would try to drop the dose down as much as possible to be honest. As I've said before, the best thinking in my opinion would have to be take the minimum dose necessary. As for the cruise periods, they are still some pretty high doses and would not allow the body to normalise its self at all. The danger of continual use is that you end up shutting down the natural production of testosterone. If you are wanting kids in the future then you really need to give this some serious consideration. Even if you don't want kids, you do have to think of what the future would be like if you've body stopped producing testosterone on its own. You would experience even greater muscle mass loss and a reduced sex drive as you age as well as a whole host of other issues. 

    As for the use of hGH, you need to be aware that it effects every bit of tissue in your body, and not just muscle mass. I would say with the dosage you've been using this isn't at all necessary. But if you do want to take it then I'd definitely suggest cutting down the dose of AS or swapping it completely. I know we're coming at this from different angles so I might seem a little naive but maybe there is a middle ground that would go some way to reducing your possible risk.

    The one thing I am very sure of though, is please seriously reconsider the use of insulin. I know I said I wasn't here to lecture but I do think this is extremely important and I think that any possible gains you might be able to attain from it's use are far out-weighed by the risk and damage it can do. I know some might wonder why something we naturally produce could cause us harm but by bombarding the body with extra insulin the body will become unresponsive to it and you'll be on a fast-track to Type 2 Diabetes. It might seem a bit dramatic but it's the truth I'm afraid and T2D is not the type of disease you want to mess around with. 

    Once again I hope this helps and I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on some of my points.
  10. Irish Beast

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    Cheers for the response Pete. If you think 3g of var is high you need to stick around some more! You may have your eyes opened!

    Blasting and cruising is common place although not something I have ever be inclined to try. I have heard of dosages of test being hammered at 6g and above for a few weeks which seems pretty crazy but it happens. I turn into a blimp within 24hours of injecting 1G of test so would be terrified to do a load more!
  11. Dr Angell

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    Maybe I'm not as well versed as I thought! I'm always intrigued to learn more so hearing about people using those kinds of doses would be really interesting. I'd be really interested to know what kinds of side-effects they had on that kind of dose as well.
  12. Irish Beast

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    3G of heavy androgens is regarded a lot but var is pretty mild in this regard. Still heavy for a var cycle but not insane by any stretch of the imagination.

    I know a guy who was running 6G of test as a regular cycle and the side effect he got was heart failure! It was kind of funny when the Cardiologist asked him to half hid dosage! Obviously cardiologists can't be expected to be steroid gurus but 3G is still a bloody heavy dose! I think he gave up completely which was the smart thing to do. He's back training now and I wonder how long it will be before he gets the temptation back. i hope never. 
  13. Roy@/_

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    @Irish Beast Where did the 3000mg of var come from lol?

    @Dr Angell

    Thanks again for coming back. In truth I've been wondering how best to reply as while I don't dispute any of your points.

    Some responses below....

  14. Irish Beast

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    I have no idea mate! Must be old age.

    I think I need to get the pipe and slippers out!
  15. Martin Chandler

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    Hi all - thought i'd jump into this with some thoughts....

    I understand the reluctance to see a GP; this ocmes up time and again and usually as a result of experiences where someone is blasted by their GP, told to go away, had ridiculous comments thrown at them (ie things that suggest teh GP buys into a load of steroid myths).

    GP's generally (I find) do not have a wealth of experience with anabolic steroids full stop. This is a specialist area. If you get testing done - they can often only interpret it in terms of "normal ranges" and that's not always useful.

    However - many GP surgeries offer "Well Man" health checks so you can monitor key indicators every year.....I would STRONGLY recommend doing those.

    Also - if you would like to PM me with your location (just the town/area) I may be able to find a drug service that provides confidential blood testing, there are some around the country. A couple of which are truly excellent and run by people with genuine useful knowledge in this area.

    Blast and cruise is a tricky one - personally I see it like this..... using AAS is essentially like adding a supercharger to a car engine. All well and good but if you keep the throttle on the floor for too long the engine will burn out. 500mg per week is so far outside your normal production (of roughly 75mg per week) that it ceases to be anything other than a full cycle. That reduction may not make much difference - regardless of the blast dose. However maintaining teh blast dose all teh time is likely to produce adverse effects at some point.

    A basic way of looking at it is this - your health depends on many of those is homeostasis. Your body works within relatively narrow parameters for many systems and when they're thrown out of homeostasis - generally speaking - bad things happen. Because that's not what you're designed for. True cycling allows the return of homeostasis and gives the body the chance to recover and maybe repair any problems caused by the high dose/long cycle.

    I have been working with bodybuilders for abotu a decade now and I can honestly say I have not met a single person doing doses in excess of 3gr or doing blast and cruise that in any way looks "better" or bigger than people i know who follow a strict consistent diet and training programme and maybe do a couple of cycles a year. I just don't see the real world benefits to be honest. That doesn;t mean you won't gain more faster - but if it all goes wrong  (and longer cycles/higher doses obviously increase that risk) then it may well be that you lose it all at some point.

    I'm not interested in judging people on their drug use though - if you think blast and cruise works for you then so be it. However I would urge you to think hard abotu why that is the case - if it's largely just down to paranoia about possibly losing a little size....that's not a good reason to take those health risks. The reality is you won't lose that much if you cycle properly and maintain strict diet and training off cycle.

    The bottom line is - anyone using aas should be getting regular health checks as there are a raft of problems that may crop up. They usually take some time to develop so early identification is crucial. Everyone responds a little differently to any drug so what happens to others is no benchmark for what may happen to you.

    FInd health checks nearby - you don't need to admit to steroid use. If things are identified that need further investigation via specialists then it's probably a good idea to highlight any steroid use at that point. If your GP seems scathing about the possibility of you using steroids then get another GP - their job is to look at your health and welfare, not to pass judgement. Serious issues in the way you're treated by your GP is cause for complaint. They are not gods - they are Doctors. Important yes - but not infallible.

    The bottom line is this; you do not and cannot know for certain what you are using. I know from the results of an awful lot of forensic testing that many street level products are not what they say they are. How reliable your source is, is often measured on whether their products get results. That's not a good enough measure. If you're pinning a long ester once a week and it's actually a short ester - that could bring it's own issues. If you think it's test and it's actually tren - again there could be serious issues there. You do not know whether the product is truly sterile and you have no way of checking that either. Be realistic about what you're doing - taking extremely powerful drugs that are of unknown content and sterility and unknown provenance. If you're happy with that risk then go ahead - but taking some time to look after your health is crucial at that point. It would be a little ironic to do so much exercise, watch what you eat and generally try to be as healthy as possible only to find yourself in hospital with something that could have been avoided.
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