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Discussion in 'Nutrition Advice' started by GymRatGresham, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. GymRatGresham

    GymRatGresham King of Bad Jokes

    what hot sauces you guys use?
    I always keep a bottle of tobasco with my meals. But it's getting a bit meh.
  2. doylejlw

    doylejlw Well-Known Member

    Frank's hot buffalo sauce is really all I use, used to like nandos sauces but got sick of them pretty quickly.
  3. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    I have tobasco (nearly gone cos my 10y/o loves it) and also that Cholula stuff which he also likes. May get one of those Habanero ones as my boy is desperate to try and and has a bizarre tollerance for someone his age. Properly covers his food in it too, not just a 'dash'
  4. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    Brown sauce makes me sweat !
  5. Roy@/_

    Roy@/_ Elite Member

    Heinz chipottle is my mainstay.
  6. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Sriacaha Garlic tho sauce is really good
  7. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    I'm really liking franks hot sauce at the moment, but always find myself going back to the encona hot sauce though. Sriacaha is s good shout too... love that on a stirfry!
  8. Roy@/_

    Roy@/_ Elite Member

    Yer in encona we trust to be fair.
  9. SteamroD

    SteamroD Elite Member

    tkmaxx of the pound shops sometimes u get a good one,

    iguana do some good ones, soods food have an amazing scotch bonnet one. apart from that the econa ones as said are hard to beat day to day.
  10. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    This! Love the stuff