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  1. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Made these today and they ain't bad. Just altered a recipe I found to get rid of a lot (not not all) of the carbs.


    To make 4 burgers you will need 

    500g of lean steak mince

    1 red onion 

    1 egg

    50g breadcrumbs

    Mixed herbs

    Cayenne Pepper

    Paprika (optional)

    Worcester Sauce (optional)

    Couldn't be simpler. Chop the red onion (much more flavour than white ones)

    • Dice the red onion finely as possible
    • Mix the onion through the mince
    • Add breadcrumbs and one egg to bind to mixture
    • Add I tbsp of mixed herbs and i tbsp of cayenne pepper.Could use chilli powder instead oif Cayenne. Parika adds to the flavour if you like it
    • Add a splash of worcester sauce but not too much, Bit salty but makes a difference to the taste if your diet will allow it. 
    • Seperate the mixture into 4 equal shapes and roll into burgers. Try to make them fairly thin to reduce cooking time
    • Leave in the fridge for at least half an hour to let the burgers bind further
    • Depending on the power of your grill and how thick you have made the burgers cook them for about 6-8 minutes on each side at a medium high heat.

    They are nice on their own with a bit of salad or if carbs are not a problem then stick them in a bum with the sauce of your choice! Dont get me wrong they are not going to blow you away with flavour but are sound nutritionally and can be eaten hot or cold.


    Nutritional breakdown. Theherbs and spices don't alter the nutritional value to any great degree but feel free to look them up. Here is thebreakdown for the core items


    Worscester Sauce info is below. Again it willl make little differnce to the nurition (few grams of so feel free to splash it on. Makes a difference definitely!
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  2. mattyb009

    mattyb009 Elite Member

    Sounds delightful.
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Yes they are. LOL
  4. CART84

    CART84 Senior Member

    Sounds good. Will give them a go, I like meals that are basic if you know what I mean, few spices sound good aswell, any other healthy wholesome meal ideas folks?
  5. mattyb009

    mattyb009 Elite Member

    My old dear used to make homemade burgers all the time. She added mustard that was a nice touch.
  6. AlriteGeezer

    AlriteGeezer Elite Member

    Thats pretty much the same recipe i use, except i brown the onion first then blitz the whole lot in food processor. Cooking the onion gives it that 'burger' taste.
  7. CART84

    CART84 Senior Member

    Could eat a burger right now!lol
  8. mattyb009

    mattyb009 Elite Member

    So could I. Relied on mother dearest to organise tea. We had like a salad and cold meats which she uses these salad leaves in. Really don't like them, can't beat an iceberg. Beggers can't be choosers though.
  9. CART84

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    Haha that's true mattyb
  10. Arterial Dan

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    Any Keto-friendly Dessert recipes? 
  11. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    Scoop choc protein and one whole egg.

    Whisk together in a mug.

    Into microwave for 1min- 1min 30secs

    Forms a cake like batter. Top with some heavy whipping cream
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    Awesome! Gonna give that a try mate, thanks!