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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dirtyvest, May 30, 2019.

  1. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    As you may know, MT ceases to be as of tomorrow. A few of us are still after some point of contact and keeping tabs on ourselves with a journal etc (I already have mine going here for a few years).... so I have redirected some MTers this way. I can happily vouch for them all as genuine and sound (apart from Rad but you've already let him slip thru LOL)

    Anyway, just a courtesy as no doubt you'll be getting a few admin alerts for new members. Hope that's cool.
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  2. RAD

    RAD Elite Member

    I will have you know I was personally invited here when it first started ........yeah they are still regretting that one lol
  3. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    MuscleTalk is shutting?

    ive stopped using UKM as ive heard rumours the FEDS run it now and have Malware hacking your system to track and trace. Wankers.
  4. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

    Heard those rumours also
  5. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    smells of bacon lol
  6. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Ends today.

    UKM sold to a canadian company last year or so
  7. anna1

    anna1 Senior Member

    Aw and I’ve been waiting for a log update lol @Clubber Lang
  8. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    will give a update tomorrow. Was planning on starting it today but ive been doing long day and night shifts on the doors and im absolutely shattered! Legs are like jelly. Need a foot spa lol. Been in bed most of today. Gonna chill out tonight with from Toffee Apple Brothers Cider then double scoop the pre-workout in the morning, get training going again :)
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  9. StevieB

    StevieB Senior Member

    I went to Muscletalk today and see it had changed. Shame.
  10. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    just looked at it now. Wheres the forum for posts and replies? Or am i missing something.
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  11. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    It has ceased to be, mate, and with all the new GDPR legislations etc it was all wiped and dumped AFAIK. The MT brand still exists but the forum is no more.

    We've had a go at setting up a new forum https://mtlives.createaforum.com/index.php which many of the regular posters have taken to which is great and we hope we can keep it going despite the trend with forum in this day and age. Time will tell. And none of us know what we're doing LOL
  12. RAD

    RAD Elite Member

    All gone mate

    I would hate this place to go the same way tbh I haven't posted for ages but I owe this forum and its members a hell of a lot over the years..,.would be great to see them back here
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  13. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    Wow, never thought I'd see the day.

    A bit sad in a way, when I think of some of the people who have passed on, it was a bit of a time capsule.
    God knows how many hours I spent on there myself.

    It's funny cause I just randomly decided to check it about a month ago and saw there was an old timers thread started by 1ManRiot.
    I actually emailed Jason to unlock my account, just to say hello.
    He unlocked it, but I missed his response and totally forgot about it then.
  14. dirtyvest

    dirtyvest Elite Member

    Yeah, there are a lot of memories on there in a weird way. In the 2000s it was an awesome online hangout
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  15. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

    It really was, it was everything rolled into one, at one stage. The golden era for me, I seem to remember it being around 2006/7ish.
    There was a good balance of knowledge sharing and banter. And it was highly motivational.

    The biggest thing for me, that a lot of youngsters nowadays wouldn't really be able to understand, was the exposure.
    I never would have squatted 300kg if I hadn't been influenced by Muscletalk - I'm sure of that.
    Because there was nobody around me doing it. Or anything close to it. And no social media or anything like that.
    By being exposed to a group of people on that forum who were pushing it, it meant I didn't set a mental limit on things - which I believe I naturally would have done otherwise. i.e. if nobody around you benches more than 140kg, then you would think 160kg was exceptional, and would probably never reach it.

    For all I knew, the people online were fecking lying through their teeth - but I believed they were doing it, so - no reason I couldn't if I worked hard enough.
    Makes me shiver slightly now, I could have done serious damage.

    Amazing to see how quickly the forum world collapsed too - I didn't expect it.
    I have no idea where young people go to discuss training and that these days, and I haven't engaged with Social Media for several years now.