Higher Coffee Consumption Is Associated With Longer Telomeres, Which Are A Biological Marker For Hea

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    BACKGROUND: Coffee is an important source of antioxidants, and consumption of this beverage is associated with many health conditions and a lower mortality risk. However, no study, to our knowledge, has examined whether varying coffee or caffeine consumption levels are associated with telomere length, a biomarker of aging whose shortening can be accelerated by oxidative stress.

    OBJECTIVE: We performed a large comprehensive study on how coffee consumption is associated with telomere length.

    METHODS: We used data from the Nurses' Health Study (NHS), a prospective cohort study of female nurses that began in 1976. We examined the cross-sectional association between coffee consumption and telomere length in 4780 women from the NHS. Coffee consumption information was obtained from validated food-frequency questionnaires, and relative telomere length was measured in peripheral blood leukocytes by the quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction. Unconditional logistic regression was used to obtain ORs when the telomere length outcome was dichotomized at the median. Linear regression was used for tests of trend with coffee consumption and telomere length as continuous variables.

    RESULTS: Higher total coffee consumption was significantly associated with longer telomeres after potential confounding adjustment. Compared with non-coffee drinkers, multivariable ORs for those drinking 2 to <3 and ≥3 cups of coffee/d were, respectively, 1.29 (95% CI: 0.99, 1.68) and 1.36 (95% CI: 1.04, 1.78) (P-trend = 0.02). We found a significant linear association between caffeine consumption from all dietary sources and telomere length (P-trend = 0.02) after adjusting for potential confounders, but not after additionally adjusting for total coffee consumption (P-trend = 0.37).

    CONCLUSIONS: We found that higher coffee consumption is associated with longer telomeres among female nurses. Future studies are needed to better understand the influence of coffee consumption on telomeres, which may uncover new knowledge of how coffee consumption affects health and longevity.

    Higher coffee consumption is associated with longer telomeres, which are a biological marker for healthy aging. (via FoundMyFitness) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27281805
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    thanks for sharing!
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    I drink shitloads and still look young AF. Inspite of heavy androgen abuse.

    Now I know why chaps.
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    Elixir of life Renton. Gets me through the work day without drop kicking anyone.

    Started drinking it with no sugar and adding a bit of coconut oil. Maybe add a tiny bit of maple syrup to sweeten, lush.