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    Hello all,

    I will be 48 next birthday. I started training again at the end of last November. After years of not training and eating/drinking too much, I was 127.5 kg, very fat. Been burning fat steadily since then, now 120.5 kg. Going to keep going until my stomach is flat, then do an old school 3 month bulk, then take it from there, continuing with proper training/diet.

    cheers, Marco
  2. Grimnir

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    Welcome to ugm dude.
  3. mpm235

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    thanks mate
  4. andyboro

    andyboro Fat

    Welcome.. cracking loss in such a short space of time!
  5. mpm235

    mpm235 New Member

    thanks pal
  6. Irish Beast

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    welcome buddy. I hope you enjoy your time here
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    thanks very much