Healthy Curried Goat/Lamb

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    We all love a bit of Caribbean.

    If not, go away, this isnt for you haha.

    This is relatively low carb and very high in protein.

    You can tweek it as you go mind... the method is the main part.

    You want to make a "mash-up mix", which is basically filling up a plastic food baggy with the ingredients, give it a good rub down and shake, then refrigerating for 2-24hr for best taste. Here is what you need to put in your mash-up mix:

    * 500g Diced Lamb

    * A diced onion

    * A diced banana

    * A diced carrot or two

    * A diced garlic clove

    * A diced Scotch Bonnet (be careful with seeds and bare hands)

    * 3x tablespoons of curry powder (look for Dunn River types) 

    * A good gulg of good Olive Oil.

    Once your mash-up mix has been well coated and left to sit in the fridge overnight (or after a few hours if your in a rush), use your 1-Cal spray in a large saucepan and get it hot. Add in your mash-up mix once its hot and sizzling, and move the lot around the pan for 5 minutes. Your locking in the flavours and sealing in the meat.

    After that 5 minutes, crack open a can of Coconut Milk and pour it in. Then fill up half the can with some water and pour that in also. Increase the heat and bring that to the boil, giving the mix a good stir to stop sticking and burning at the edges. Once you see the bubbles, reduce heat to your lowest setting, half cover with the lid, and leave to simmer gently for an hour and a half. But do come back every so often to give the odd stir.

    You'll notice after that 90min period that a lot of the milk and water has evaporated and thickened significantly. Its time to add a condiment for the final touch. You need a can or two of Black Eye Beans (in water, not raw), drain them well and add to the mix. Give a good coating, and leave to simmer for another 10-15mins without the lid half covering.

    After this time, your dish is completed. Leave to sit for an hour, then come and try it. 

    If you played it right, you should have 2 dinners sitting there. Tastes best when left to sit and reheated later in the evening or the next day.

    Should be a sweet, hot and aromatic dish.

    And essentially its just meat with veg and coconut milk.... how guilty do you feel? 
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    Sounds very nice mate, I actually always add banana's and coconut to my curry's, and some fresh pineapple, love that fruity taste

    Cheers bud
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    Sounds immense. Will try that at some point. Nothing like a scotch bonnet to give something a kick!
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    Thanks chaps.

    You can alter it accordingly. If you want it sweeter, drop out the carrots and add a second banana and even some pineapple as mentioned.

    If you want to make it a bulkier meal, drop out one of the cans of beans and add a cup of cooked rice in its place.

    Completely versatile and amendable this recipe.
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    Nice one for this fella. I'm gonna knock up a batch of this for next weeks lunches.