Hcg With Test And Anavar

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    Hi all!

    So I’ve done a quick search on this topic and found one thread from 2012 which vaguely gives me an idea but I wanted to ask specifically for myself/my cycle.

    I’m looking to run a cycle of Test E and Anavar. I have only run one cycle before of Test E only in Jan 2019.

    The cycle is looking like this:
    Weeks 1-12 300mg Test E 2xPW (considering starting lower at 150mg and then increasing to 300mg at 6 weeks)
    Weeks 5-12 50mg Anavar ED
    Weeks 13-16 OFF CYCLE
    Weeks 17-20 PCT which would be Tamoxifen at 20/40/40/20

    Initially I was going to run HCG throughout at 500iu PW from weeks 1-16 and then 500iu ED weeks 17-20.

    After doing some reading, running HCG during the off period isn’t advised.
    Also running HCG at 500iu a week means I would waste 4000iu as the fridge life is about 2 weeks. HCG comes in 5000iu so mixing all that means 500iu PW would allow me to only benefit from using it for 2 weeks before I’d have to throw it - from what I’ve said.

    I guess my question is, what is the best HCG protocol. I would like to run it alongside to be on the safe side but I don’t want any desensitisation.

    500iu E3D or 3xPW?
    1500 3x PW?
    Some other way?
    2 weeks on. 2 weeks off?
    4 weeks on. 4 weeks off?

    I wanna get this right so any and all advice is highly appreciated.

    I’ve asked a couple other lads too and have got some good info, but would like to get feedback from yourselves too.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Clubber Lang

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    just quickly looking over the above, yes avoid HCG during cycle, pointless, save it for PCT.

    also, 300mg test EW is pretty low, thats more of a TRT dose. To get the best out of test id jab at least 500mg EW.

    Var, run it for the last 6 weeks of your cycle.

    PCT, everyone is different. Me id probably run 1000iu EOD for 2 weeks with Tamoxifen @ 60/40/20.... Id avoid clomid during PCT, sides are horrible for me