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  1. Clubber Lang

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    where can i get some decent gym vests from?

    been looking on places like topman and burtons but they're all selling vests that are more like something you'd wear under a shirt to keep warm rather than a gym vest.

  2. New Hybrid

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    matalan had some everlast ones going cheap last summer. TK maxx also always worth a gander.
  3. Ares

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    for gasp vests, Click here

    i like the calvin klein "ribbed tank" and usually buy them off ebay i also have a couple of the "stringer vests" which make decent gym tops.

    have a look here mate, theres a pretty decent selection:-

    Ebay Mens vests
  4. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    stringer vests, thats what im after, forgot what they were called.

    could do with some plain ones, unless i can find some brand ones at a fair price
  5. oddjob

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    Sports Direct are currently doing everlast vests and tops for a fiver I believe......SPORTS DIRECT LINK
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  6. Arterial Dan

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  7. firest0rm

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    Buy some dayglow pink and neon green string vests like some of the lads at my gym. You'll look dead manly
  8. Arterial Dan

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    Firestorm, I'm just itching to get back in shape so I can don my hitman gear again: