G's back to basic and being accountable

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  1. Guerilla9

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    Right, time for me to pull my finger out and get going again.

    for those that read my old journal or not, I achieved what I wanted as far as body comp goes but have let myself slide over the last couple of months. That said im not in too bad a shape, nothing I can't sort out with some basic changes.

    ive been spinning my wheels during gym sessions for too long and with no clear direction as to where I'm going or what I'm doing it's been somewhat counter productive. So the plan for the moment is to just go back to basics. 5/3/1 workouts. Throw in some conditioning and just tidy up the diet until I can figure out what it is I actually want to achieve. A return to strongman? Powerlifting? Or simply to look better naked. 
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  2. Guerilla9

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    Fucking hell! My back has forgotten what a bit of volume feels like!

    warm up plus 10 mins on the air bike.

    Deads at 180&210 for 5 then 235x8

    firm went on 7, cleaned it up for the 8th and probably had a couple more but trying to not push it too hard from the off.

    SLDL 5 sets of 8 at 110

    thats all my little glass back could take. Pretty much crippled now lol

    ill add in some additional assistance when my lower back can tolerate it
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Serious lifting mate. Will pop in now and again.

    By the way you will never look good naked so forget that idea! Imbecile :)
  4. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Cheers IB.

    ill rephrase. Look better naked than I currently do. Lol
  5. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Quick one tonight.




    db bench

    5 sets between 20-12 reps with 35 kg db's. No leg drive.

    trx rows

    5 sets at body weight, these things are no joke when you're heading for 130kg! First two sets were 15 reps but I think I ended on a rest pause 9! 

    Pumped, not done volume like this in a while. And motivated. Long may it continue. 
  6. Guerilla9

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    DOMS in my glutes and hams have gone ape today. Hams feel like they are made from blocks of wood. I'll probably end up doing some yoga this evening to try and stretch out a bit. 

    Upper body feels good. Feel like I need to throw some direct bicep work in though. They were dead after this rows but thinking I could superset them with the DB bench and stick some direct bi/tri work in afterwards.
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    Can't stop eating today. Apetite has in general been controllable as of late and drinking has been the problem. Only have a glass of wine (ok a bottle) on the weekends now and een then during the day ive managed with food, today is a totally different story though. 

    Id normally intermittent fast until about now, often later but ive already inhaled 200g of beef biltong, 400g of chicken breast, a pile of shredded veg that would fill a cow, a chicken wrap and a doughnut that just happened to jump out at me. I could and probably will eat more!

    i think half a tab of ultraburn is going to be required if this continues tomorrow. 
  8. Guerilla9

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    Hammys are still in a bad way, I am not looking forward to max rep squats this evening but I'll take a bit of man the fuck up and see what I can do. Ive knocked back the starting weights on squats a touch as ive not done a great deal of it over the past months / year while concentratin on rehabbing my knee. Tonight's top set is only 170 so Id like to think I could squeeze 10 out. Walking will be fun over the weekend I'm sure!
  9. Guerilla9

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    Can a guy not catch a break!?

    had to skip the gym last night as life got in the way. Seriously considering becoming a monk or joining the foreign legion
  10. holly

    holly Stong Beastie


    Platform and rack in your monastery, job done. 
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  11. Guerilla9

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    I think you may be right @holly

    made it to the gym tonight, in and out.


    130, 150 x5

    170 x 8

    just going through the motions. With these, trying to relearn the movement and not push knee to much. felt ok.

    finished off with a few sets of GHRs and that was all she wrote.
  12. holly

    holly Stong Beastie

    It's good to strip it back to basics sometimes 
  13. RAD

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    Foreign Legion you get to play with guns..........no brainer
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  14. Guerilla9

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    Yep, I was trying to drop back into a routine I used on the build up to the England's a couple of years ago and I just don't think I had the GPP to deal with it. This is effectively just going to be getting myself back into something I can maintain. Touch wood

     Nice quick little bench session last night.

    115&130 x 5


    supersetted 37kgdb press & TRX rows. 5 sets of failure-15
  15. Guerilla9

    Guerilla9 Elite Member

    Heads been screwed on and in the right place for weeks! Heard a song today and I'm fucked up thinking!!! The sooner they invent a delete button for your mind the better
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