Great Comp At Irish Open!

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    absolutely brilliant comp, well run, my coach was there(who is unbelievably good) and i did well.
    squats, i opened on a comp PB of 265, no issues. coach called for 275, felt better than the 265. bit of a jump to 290. tricky moment this, i should have been squatting this a year ago but due to having no monolift access, i kept fucking up my set up and being unbalanced. Ger kept me right though, gave me a list minute trick and we nailed it :) he said i was good for the 300 but wanted to play this comp safe with worlds coming up.
    so onto bench. opened on 175, equal comp PB and it felt hard. my shirt just didnt feel right but we got it. Ger called for 180 and after a long hard fight it was taken off me as it had stalled just before lock out. He suggested we called it a day there and saved it for the worlds.
    Deadlifts, again kit issues but we opened on 260 and ground it out. i re-set the straps for lift 2 and got 265 after a bit of a struggle. Wise old head Ger told me to leave it there. Bigger fish to fry soon enough.
    So despite playing things conservatively, i got 2 squat PBs, the 2nd being some 25kg more than my previous comp best, equalled comp best on bench and equalled PB on deadlift. my total was 730kg which is 40kg more than my previous best. i won my weight class, was awarded best master lifter and missed out on best equipped lifter by a few tenths of 1 wilks point!
    i'm shattered but things are looking good for the states. just wish i had someone record my squats!
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    Nice one dude! Promising stuff!
  3. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    hopefully mate. hopefully.
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    Well done on this NH, looking back over the years and the photo's, seeing you change in appearance, drive and focus, concentrating on the powerlifting side has been a good watch, you're a credit to yourself that you've gone on and really smashed it mate, it's very impressive :) .
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    Sounds like a tremendous achievement. Good to see someone other than that spectacled nerd @holly doing so well on the PL front :)

    Long nay it continue for you.
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