Good film thread

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Irish Beast, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    How have you missed it?

    Its one of 4/5 films that are ALWAYS on TV. Love the film, really like those movies but because its always on it really winds me up lol

    Die hard......transformers.....bourne.....repeat
  2. Deadpan

    Deadpan Elite Member

    This blew my tiny mind recently
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  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    Were you starruing in it you Gorilla lol.

    I need to utilise this big telly and aurround sound system I have! Sometimes the effects make an average film mint!
  4. Erny

    Erny Member

    This is like my favourite ever film lol
  5. Prince

    Prince Elite Member

    Secret Soldier of Benghazi. Brilliant boy film.
  6. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    You've probably seen it by now mate but it's good fun, the blonde in the clip is, well, er erm "quite" nice :)
  7. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    i havent actually mate after reading some terrible reviews but yes she is smoking!
  8. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    I guess if you're expecting an amazing in depth story line with performances to follow then yeah it'll be crap, I always see these types of films as a bit of fun really as probably many do, nothing wrong with it imo if you go in with that mindset :)
  9. Wal

    Wal Elite Member

    Suicide squad was disappointing.

    The new ghost busters was terrible.

    Angry birds was actually really good.

    Deadpool was fantastic.
  10. Mass Monster

    Mass Monster Elite Member

    @Wal Suicide Squad was poor mate. It had lots of potential to be something of substance, but failed miserably.

    Finished watching Banshee. One of the best series I've seen in quite awhile, decent plot and martial arts.

    Started watching that Marvel series Luke Cage, so far so good.
  11. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

    When I look back, I enjoyed Banshee too, although I kind of wish I'd given it a bit more attention, watched it whilst I did cardio so never really had my full concentration and it did deserve more.
  12. Mass Monster

    Mass Monster Elite Member

    Finished watching season 1 of West World, wasn't too bad would recommend.
  13. Doby

    Doby Elite Member


    And the magnificent 7

    Both good
  14. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

    watched Mag 7 other day, was ok, dragged in the middle. Never ran out of bullets? lol
  15. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

    Yeh it ain't winning any oscars but passed a couple hours with some decent action. The endless bullet thing did cross my mind too lol