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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Irish Beast, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Irish Beast

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    Just wondering how many people on here give blood or have done. I'm thinking of starting to in the not too distant future. Blood should be pretty clean these days and I know you are not supposed to donate if you have every injected but I know I have no diseases and surely it would still be fine?

    Any donors on here? Is it ethically wrong to give having injected in the past? I wouldn't give if I was pumping reccies into myself but am pretty clean living these days bar the booze which is not too excessive. Would like to think that if I had an accident that there would be blood for me and I wouldn't be picky if I was bleeding to death. Pretty sure I just have a common blood type but still sure they won't say no!

    Any input?
  2. s man

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    Give a few times a year.

    Always passes all the tests and they tell me which hospital it has gone to. Thought it was pretty common for aas users to give blood to keep rbc counts down and blood pressure
  3. Irish Beast

    Irish Beast Beast

    I would have thought so. I just remember once getting asked on the street. I mentioned that I used AAS and they basically said thanks but no thanks. Don't want to give blood that could cause harm but surely if I am off or just on TRT its not going to do any harm
  4. The Love Machine

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    Pretty sure when I looked (a good few years ago mind) that as soon as you've used a needle yourself you can't donate.

    Saying that quite clearly a lot of aas users do, so they must test it and obviously if there's something iffy they'll discard it anyway.

    See if I can find the link I last checked on
  5. The Love Machine

    The Love Machine A steroid pumping, food raping machine

    You must never....

    • You have ever injected, or been injected with, drugs; even a long time ago or only once. This includes body-building drugs and injectable tanning agents. You may be able to give if a doctor prescribed the drugs. Please check with us to make sure.
  6. Paracelsus

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    Yeah it's about the risk of having a disease from sharing needles, not the steroids themselves.
    Even on cycle, the amount of free hormone that would be circulating in the blood you donate isn't a medical concern for the recipient.