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  1. GymRatGresham

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    Just after some advice for food prep here guys basically.
    Cooking up to a week in advance, I'm a but sh*t when it come to cooking in general.
    So when cooking chicken you can only leave it for up to four days right? So Do i need to be cooking more chicken after than or can I leave it a bit longer?
    What vegetables don't go horrid after being left for ages?

    Would curries be suitable to leave in tupperwear for a week

    And any other advice you wish you'd have known when you started.
  2. s man

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    I think it's 4 days for chicken if in a decent fridge but I usually keep it for 3 at the most so cook every 3 days. If I was eating rice, potato or sweet potato I would do the same and weigh and box them together. The whole process took me about an hour and a half including weighing and leaving them to cool and to be honest once there in the oven or rice maker you can forget about it till cooked.

    In the days where I had access to a microwave when I was working I would just take veg in raw in weighed out bags and warm it alongside the meat that way. If that wasn't an option I would prefer to take in salad's especially spinach and rocket and eat veg on the meals at home.

    I always carried or had franks hot sauce or something of the like at work to make things less bland.

    With curries, stews or anything like that again I would keep for 3 days max but with these you could always make a huge batch, portion it up and freeze ready to take out the night before to defrost.
  3. Roy@/_

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    I cook a weeks worth of meat then weigh it up and freeze it.

    You just have to remember to take it out night before to defrost.

    Starchy carbs like rice, pasta tske 10 mins so tend to cook them morning off. Same with veg.
  4. Roy@/_

    Roy@/_ Elite Member

    Basically my advice is tske a bit of time each morning to cook the carbs and veg as they do taste better.
  5. AlriteGeezer

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    I cook up all my chicken on a Sunday... Marinate it Saturday night in bags, then grill it all (around 10-12 breasts) keep them in a tuppa box in the fridge. I eat the chicken till the following Friday (5days) and even 6 days some times. Been doing this for 2+ years no problems with it.

    My carbs I mainly use brown rice... In asda etc they do microwave packs for 50p... So out of convenience I use these, Nuke them in the morning before work, Other than that, brown pasta cos it takes 10mins to cook.

    Veg etc I will cook every night fresh, it's only a few minutes to boil
  6. Roy@/_

    Roy@/_ Elite Member

    Yer tbf I've eaten a refrudgered batch of meat up to 5 days post cooking....the 5th day it's getting a bit dry though ha ha

    Also protein denatures in cooked meat after 56 hours.
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  7. AlriteGeezer

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    Yeah I know what your saying, thurs/fri it goes down in lumps ha! Doesn't help that I have to eat all my meals cold in work too..

    Didn't know about the denature though, in real life terms does it really make that much difference?
  8. AlriteGeezer

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    Just to add... If your looking to prep veg for a few days worth rather than cooking it every night.. I would personally would just wash it and eat it raw, that way it keeps well.. And to be fair I do enjoy raw broccoli, beans, carrots etc anyway

    I'm lost without meal prep, it's so easy to eat clean if it's all prepped ready,
  9. Rentaghost

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    I just microwave veg morning of, I use microwave rice or sweet potato as well.

    Meat I'll do before bed, can whack it in the oven, have a shower, have a brew and it's done. Usually do enough for two days at a time.
  10. dirtyvest

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    I always have a big meat cook of on a Sunday and many a time have still had some to eat on the following Saturday with no issues whatsoever.... chicken, beef, pork

    So Sunday's see me cook up a load of meatballs and marinara for my 4 days PWO meals (taking me to Friday). I'll cook up 2 days rice (would do more but don't have the fridge space at this stage in the week and as said, it doesn't take long so do another batch on Wednesday). I'll cook up whatever meat I'm using for my evening meals which will either be 2 roast chicken, a joint of beef or currently as it's £2.50/kg pork leg with crackling and that will be ~1.5kg of cooked meat. Cooking times vary as beef is quite quick but then the prok can take a good 3hrs+. I'll also knock up a protein packed breadpudding which once made and soaked for a few hours only takes about an hour to cook.

    Veg is in my marinara sauce or in raw salads for convenience sake.

    Denaturing of proteins is of no consequence. All proteins go thru denaturisation when cooking them and nutrition wise (obtaining amino acids) this changes nothing
  11. Roy@/_

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    Sorry I should probably state the cooked meat protein de naturing was entirely fictional
  12. dirtyvest

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    It does denature (cooked meat is clearly very different in density, texture etc so it is 'de-naturised').... it just is completely irrelevant from a nutrition standpoint as nothing changes regarding amino acids availability - so the 'fact' that it's an issue is completely a myth, yes
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  13. GymRatGresham

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    So pretty much, it's just as easy to by microwave rice and just cook meats in 'bulk' a few days before?
    As i'd pretty much have to cook veg everyday anyway?
  14. Roy@/_

    Roy@/_ Elite Member

    Yep in a nutshell.
  15. Scrappy

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    Any one freeze cooked chicken and then reheat?

    Currently I do 3 day batches of food
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