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Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Kyusho, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Kyusho

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    Hi guys,

    Haven't been on here in years! Has changed so much.. some familiar faces and lots of new ones too.

    Anyway, I've been training hard even though I haven't logged on in years. But for the past decade my physique has barely changed.

    Tried a couple of Tbol and an anvar cycles many years ago now, and enjoyed those (although ironically Anvar seemed to shut me down quite hard).

    Anyway, I think I'm ready to try my first injectable cycle ever. I was thinking just test-e on its own, or sust.. what do you guys think I should go with?

    My aim is really just to add lean muscle, I don't want to become too bloated. I'd be really happy just with 6lb more of muscle on my frame. Then I'd like to come off and see how much I can keep naturally again for as long as possible.

    I've ordered a fully hormone check from medi-checks, as I'd like to see what my baseline levels are. I'll post the results up when I have them. Then I'd like to check again after my first cycle and PCT.
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    How old are you? Are you willing to not recover and end up on trt?