Finally Started Pct - Experience Needed

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Irish Beast, Sep 4, 2017.

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    So after pondering for months I finally started about a week ago.

    I have been 'on' whether it be on cycle or just cruising for years so not expecting a quick recovery.

    Planned PCT is a as follows

    Basically 60mg Nolva per day and 150mg Clomid per day for 10 days. With 50mcg of proviron ED

    40mg/100mg for 10 days

    Im about 5 days in and feel ok mentally . Downstairs is completely dead and have no sex drive ehich I expect but not an issue at the moment. I expected but maybe not to this extent. I know there is no magic answer but how long has it taken you guys to start feeling libio coming back after a long cycle? days, weeks, montts, never!

    Will add in HCG soon, just not got round to mixing. I suspect I may need to run a longer PCT that 2 weeks do to my on time. Will run a lengthy PCT and if Im still not 'recovered' or recovering then I'll have bloods done.
    Input anyone?

    Just after some experiences really
  2. spearman

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    I've been off for 4 months follow a year or so of trt dose.
    What I noticed....
    I was on prop for months prior to coming off which I think helps as there is definitely no long esters hanging around.
    I did a nolva only pct with 1500iu shots of hcg.
    I don't know why, but I just seem to recover better using nolva than clomid.
    At first I looked better as all water dropped...I didn't realise I was carrying any! Mood was great too and libido was ok.
    As time has went on though I look like shit, lost shape and gained loads of fat around midsection, but that is also because I can't be arsed training and my diet is pants. I just find I'm not motivated to train or eat well unless I'm on.
    Sex drive and libido is ok, nothing like being on or being 10 years younger! I've not had blood work yet, but prior to going on I was about 10nmol/l. I need to get i checked again.
    I've found 1/4 of cialis once or twice a week helps with mood and wood. I masterbate most mornings
    All in all I look like shit, but I haven't noticed any psychological issues coming off.