Fighting Through The Pain.

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  1. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Bit of a change of pace.

    A little backstory.

    In a gym floor far far away............. whoops wrong story.

    After a very long lay off, its finally time to start doing something. Arthritis treatment has yielded some positive results and thus far I'm able to start some form of training again. Knees still will not support more than 20kg + my own bodyweight so Ive asked a friend who's been involved in MMA, boxing and all other forms of conditioning fighting based truing for over 15 years to train me.

    Its been well over 3 years since I've trained in a motivated or structured manner. Probably close to 5+ years since I've been at my best.

    Goals, well I'm getting hitched this August and id like to be able to say id look good in a Tux.

    3 days back into it, a mix of basic weights with compounds focusing on getting my body ready for an onslaught. 2.5 hour hike on the south downs with the mutt and best man in tow.

    Todays orders of business, see if i can hack a spin class. Cardio conditioning is going to be my primary focus as my days of chasing strength are far behind me if i want to keep walking.

    Weight, far too heavy for me to feel comfortable in my own skin.

    Diet, keep it healthy and will update when I've got half a chance to.
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  2. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Made it through and wanted to heave. On the right track ha!

    300g cottage cheese
    300g cottage cheese with strawberries and a small drizzle of Honey
    3 course wedding dinner taster
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  3. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    congrats on the engagement matey!
    best of luck with all this. i take it squatting powerlifter low bar style with knees never tracking out over toes is no good?
  4. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Why thank you sir!

    There's a trap bar in the current gym I train at. Managed 50kg for 2x8 before it felt like someone stabbed me in the knee.
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  5. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    ah man not so good. horrible thing to have. it's in my family, psoratic arthritis. my dad had it and his sister does. i've been lucky get bad skin and hands get quite bad in the winter but nothing other than that. used to think i had it in my knees but it was just because my legs were such a mess of knots that needed worked out.
    sorry its not so simple for you :(
  6. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    PA is what I'm unfortunately afflicted with. It took its toll on me around 4 years back when i started to ease off on the intensity. Then life took over and i barely had time to train. When i did have time, the joint soreness sometimes made me unable to get out of bed some days and was stuck indoors until it settled down.
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    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    fuck. yeah ,my old man had 2 knee replacements a hip replacement(if i remember right) and ended up getting his neck fused. if anyone deserved it, it was him though!
  8. New Hybrid

    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    i take it you wont actually be grappling and doing submission holds though right?
  9. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Not a chance in hell ill be doing full body contact. Its mainly training on pads, conditioning and enough upper body that i can hack. If it settles down then some TUT work and possibly plyometric. very early days and about as far out of my comfort zone as possible so its a brand new start.

    Breakfast - half a tub of Skyr strawberry yogurt.
    Lunch two toasted buttered pittas with hummus
    dinner - soya chicken pieces with various stir fry veg and black bean sauce
    midnight snack - apple and other half tub of Skyr
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    New Hybrid all time third top poster brahs!

    nice breakfast love that stuff.
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  11. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Still massively sore on upper body, hope it goes away soon.

    5x whole medium eggs with grated parmesan cheese
    Late lunch of two pieces of homemade cornbread, with 2 servings of mixed bean chilli
    Dinner - TBA
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  12. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Spin class today, weights yesterday

    Food this far
    high protein roll, vegan cheese, tomato and wholegrain mustard
    soya chocolate mousse
    black bean and soy chicken with rice
    apple with peanut butter

    Nearly barfed twice so I'm pushing it as far as i can go and need to listen to my body more as i had an extended recovery of two weeks as i overextended myself.

    Weights are pathetic to when i was at my strongest, i can barely lift a trap bar for 3x8 with 30kg loaded onto it before my knee wants to skip town without a visa. So on the advice I'm focusing on TUT with low weights and long extended stretches and pulls.

    Upper body aches but not lower body so will most likely go for another walk with the mutt this morning long as its dry on the golf course.
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    tio as in eddie from years ago?
  14. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

  15. tio

    tio Something big is coming......

    Todays food
    200g soya yogurt
    peanut butter flapjack
    high protein roll with vegan cheese, tomato and wholegrain mustard