Effects of Growth Hormone and Insulin on the Heart

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    It would seem that there is a massive surge in the use of GH and insulin at the moment, moreso the GH due to pharmaceutical grade GH becoming more widely available and slightly more affordable.

    The effects of steroids on the heart are fairly well documented and discussed quite regularly, but it seems that similar debates or articles rarely crop up when referring to GH and Insulin. Most people is aware of the dangers insulin with regards to blood sugar levels dropping dangerously low etc but there never seems to be much about other damages, particularly to the heart.

    @Dr Waktare - Can you recall caring for any Type 2 diabetics? (The Insulin dependant one I think). I wondered how the advice you give would vary, if at all to someone who was not insulin dependant?

    @Dr Angell - Did you ever do studies about growth hormone or is it solely AAS? I remember you asking what I used during the lab exercise but sadly I did not do growth! Will try harder next time :) It would be great is you could point to any studies which you believe might be of use as there are quite a few but I imagine the lab rats in them are using GH for a medicincal purpose and not to pack on muscle. If you know of any please share them! 
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    I care for lots of diabetics - it is a very common disease.

    Diabetes Mellitus (to give it its full name) is divided into type I and type II. Type I is due to the body damaging its own insulin producing cells and tends to effect younger people. This group always need insulin treatmetn. In type II the main issue is the body getting insensitive to the insulin. It classically effects older, overweight people, but it can effect people who are only mildly overweight.

    Both conditions cause a severe blight on people's lives. The treatment itself can cause "hypo's" as you mention. However the real harm comes from the long term effects of raised blood sugar levels - eye and kidney problems, as well as damage to blood vessels, which in turn damages the heart and nerves.

    That all said, they are very treatable, and many people live with it very well. However the condition needs to be respected if present...
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    What I mean is say 2 people had heart attacks. All other variables were the same. Say identical twins, Yet one of them was an insulin dependent diabetic. Would you give him differing advice to his clone! Trying to really ascertain if insulin has much effect on the hearts ability to function. I know from a previous post you said the heart cannot repair itself perse in terms of cell regrowth so healing is irrelevant but in general terms how would insulin use affect the advice you give, if at all?